Oct / Dec 2021No. 155

Group photo of double Ninth Festival women in Pian Ma Village

Project Progress

Integrated Rural Development Project in Xide District

Siguojue Village Women's Group Establishment and Capacity Building Activities

In December 2021, the project team organized women in Siguojue Village to establish a women's group and carry out capacity building activities. A total of 27 women participated in this group activity. Through the activities, the women's group members' ability to communicate, listen and work together to complete the task was cultivated. We hope that by assisting women to carry out continuous project activities, we can help the women team´s members strengthen their companionship, so that they can participate better in the management and implementation of project activities, and get exercise and growth, and work together to complete the project. The women promote their own health and well-being support the athmosphere of mutual help and harmony among neighbors in the community.

Siguojue Village Livelihood Development Project

This project has collected the needs, opinions and suggestions of the common people and village leaders for many times, and held many meetings of village leaders. The villagers' meeting and the women's meeting were also held respectively, and the 105 permanent residents of Siguojue Village were once again visited from door-to-door by their partners to investigate their needs and gather information on the current quantity and breeding of animals, housing, labor and other information. There have also been many discussions within the agency. The project is relatively difficult to move forward, and it also takes a lot of manpower, time and energy. Finally, a plan that is satisfactory to all parties is formed and the project can be implemented smoothly. We will try our best to create a harmonious, stable and united community atmosphere. We have been working hard. 

Horse Farm; Three Groups of Income-Generating Projects

In December 2021. the project team conducted a household interview on the breeding situation of 10 income-generating demonstration households in the third group of Machang village. During the interviews, we learned that so far, already 2 of the 10 demonstration households have completed the deliveries in accordance with the project agreement. This has proved that the demand is feasible, and it has also enhanced the confidence of the project team to complete the overall project planning. In the next step, the project plans to launch the second batch of such projects. By subsidizing more villagers to develop farming and breeding, more villagers can participate in the project. We hope that the implementation of the project will make everyone's life better.

Machang Group Three Sanitation Improvement Projects

In order to improve the family hygiene environment of the three groups of villagers in Machang, the villagers are guided to develop good personal hygiene habits. The project team also carried out a sanitation improvement projects in the third group of Machang. The project implementation method is the same as that of Siguojue Village, which is to install solar water heaters and build sanitary toilets. The hard work pays off. The demonstration of the five households has played a very good role in the project´s progress. We look forward to the success of the demonstration so that the project can be promoted on a larger scale.

Machang three sets of chopping board + vegetable washing pool project

In order to improve the hygiene conditions and bad hygiene habits of the three groups of villagers in Machang, the project team discussed with the village leader the installation of chopping boards and vegetable washing pool equipment for the villagers' families. At present, only some willing villagers are invited to do three demonstration household projects in the village. It is hoped that through the leading role of these demonstrations, other villagers can realize the harm to their personal health caused by previous living habits, and drive more villagers to be willing to install chopping boards and kitchen sink units. These can help more villagers' families to eat cleaned vegetables so that the people are less likely to get sick.

Three groups of distressed families in Siguojue Village and Machang Village sent warmth

Enabling every community member to participate in project activities fairly and paying special attention to disadvantaged groups is an important focus of every DORS community project. After entering the household to learn about the actual situation of the five-guarantee households and the distressed families and listening to the advice of the village committee, the project team provided crutches, cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded pants, cotton slippers and other materials for five elderly people of the five-guarantee households in Siguojue Village. Furthermore the project provided rice, cooking oil and dried noodles to three groups of families in particular difficulties in Machang Village.
When the project team members handed out clean and tidy new clothes for the elderly on the spot, the elderly were very excited. Especially an old man who lives alone expressed his joy with his rich movements and expressions and the tears in his eyes. We can fully sympathise with the old man, although we could not understand his words due to the language barrier. It is hoped that the donation of the above materials can effectively improve their living conditions and bring them both physical and spiritual warmth when winter comes.

Integrated Rural Development Project in Hanyuan County

Pianma Village and Ranmo Village Love Double Ninth Festival Activities

In order to carry forward the fine tradition of respecting the elderly, loving the elderly and helping the elderly, enhancing the awareness of respecting the elderly in the whole society, creating a good social atmosphere, improving the organization and service capabilities of the Pianma Village Mutual Aid Group is crucial. According to the demand investigation and analysis in Pianma Village and Ranmo Village, the project personnel purchased 229 anti-slip crutches and festival activities items, which were sent to Pianma Village and Ranmo Village in Pianma Township respectively on the eve of the Double Ninth Festival. The leaders of each village group distributed crutches to the elderly in need. In October 2021, members of the Pianma Village Mutual Aid Group organized and carried out the Double Ninth Festival celebration activities. The activity was strongly supported by the Pianma Township Health Center. The doctors of the township health center measured blood pressure, height and weight and other basic physical examinations for the elderly in turn, and gave professional advice according to individual conditions. The elderly learned about the prevention and other health care knowledge on common chronic diseases. Followed by live performances, performers showed erhu, juggling, dancing, singing songs, and other talents. Everyone was very interested and the scene was very lively. 
The elderly people in the two villages received care and blessings from institutions and communities, and every elderly person expressed sincere gratitude for the on-site activities and the crutch distribution activities. The villagers who received the crutches very much appreciated them, and gave high evaluations both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. At the same time, the Pianma Village Mutual Aid Group played a key role in the smooth development of this activity. The members of the group devoted their efforts to every link from the planning to the implementation of the on-site activity, and strived for the success of the activity regardless of remuneration or gain or loss.

Pianma Village and Ranmo Village welcome the Winter Solstice Festival

In the early stage, through discussions with the village committees of Pianma Village, Ranmo Village and the women's group, it was decided to hold on-site celebration activities in the two villages to welcome the arrival of the Winter Solstice Festival. This event is the first time in the history of Pianma Village and Ranmo Village to hold the Winter Solstice festival activities.
On the day of the event, the women's group of Pianma Village worked together to perform their respective duties. Each group member took the initiative to do the work that he was responsible for. As the villagers came to the scene to sign in, measure body temperature, and wear masks, after the opening of the event, Director Jiang, the leader of the women's group, gave a speech on behalf of the women's group and the village committee. Then, the women's group showed a wonderful group dance, and the kindergarten children sang a lovely festival song and presented their dance performance, and the old people did not show weakness and demonstrated their own national songs and musical instrument performances. In the end, the women pushed the atmosphere to a climax with a traditional Yi dance.
Ranmo village group cadres were responsible for the publicity, organization, and venue layout of the event. Project personnel registered, took body temperature, and distributed masks for the villagers who arrived one after another. The women attended one after another in costumes. Men all wore ethnic costumes that are prepared for weddings or major festivals. Everyone sang and danced to the cheerful dance music in the event square. The audience enjoyed the singing and dancing performances while tasting cakes and delicacies. The scene was a sea of joy.
We have been working hard to promote the unity and harmony of the village and the health and well-being of the women and the elderly in the village.

Pianma Village Rabbit Livelihood Project

1. Thorough investigation and preliminary training

After a preliminary investigation, we learned that some villagers in Pianma Village have had the idea of raising rabbits. In order to promote local income generation and increase income and promote the economic development of Pianma Village, in October 2021, they specially hired the local "rabbit king" - Mr. Zhang to Pianma. The village carried out trainings on the rabbit raising livelihood project. More than 30 villagers participated in the on-site training and discussion. At the same time, Mr. Zhang also made a SWOT analysis on the existing conditions and future prospects of rabbit breeding in Pianma Village, and then put forward suggestions on the market promotion and marketing of the rabbit breeding project.
2. Preparing the project plan and screening the first batch of rabbit raising demonstration households

After the training was completed, the project personnel finally issued a draft of the rabbit raising project and discussed with the villagers who were willing to participate in the project based on teacher Zhang Shuping's suggestion and past experience in carrying out livelihood projects, as well as communication and negotiation with the village committee. The project staff introduced the project concept, capital scale, execution process, screening conditions, and target scope of the rabbit raising project in detail. Then everyone discussed the specific rules in the draft for comments. After a thorough investigation, the final decision was made. 14 demonstration farmers look forward to the success of the demonstration. If successful, the project can be promoted on a larger scale.

Women's Mental Health First Training Course

November 2021, the first course of a series of training on women's mental health was held in the activity room of Pianma Village. There are more than 40 women participating in the training, most of them are between 30-50 years old, and there are a few women over 60 years old. The women were very positive about their first training on mental health. This training specially hired Mr. Pan, a family education and psychological counselor from Chengdu, mainly focusing on the importance of family education, the growth needs of children at every stage of life, and the skills of communication between parents and children.
The design of the training content is based on the needs survey of the women in the village in the early stage. It aims to convey good parenting concepts to the women and appropriate ways to get along with children of different ages, so that family life can become more harmonious. At the same time, it also opens a window for the later series of psychological training courses. These are meant to guide women to love themselves better while taking care of their families, and bring more attention back to themselves. Only when more love fills oneself, can one have a happy mood and a warm life, and the relationship with children, husband, and people around them will be more intimate and comfortable, and there will be more strength to care for others.

Women's Group Series Skills Training Course

In order to further gather the strength of women's groups and enrich the daily life of women in the community, the project team has planned a series of colorful skills training courses.
In December, the first baking training course was held in Pianma Village. More than 30 villagers participated in the training, most of them were young and middle-aged women. Professional bakers hired from the county town demonstrated the whole process of making birthday cakes and buckwheat cakes. They gave detailed demonstrations and explanations from the ratio of raw materials, detailed steps, and operational matters. They also taught women how to make cream. After the teaching demonstration, the women operated by themselves. Through the procedures of mixing, stirring, baking and decorating, the women finally presented a beautiful and delicious cream birthday cake by themselves. Afterwards, everyone prepared buckwheat and other raw materials by themselves, and successfully completed the production of buckwheat cake under the careful guidance of the teacher. All people participating in the training shared the finished product and the women presented the fruits of their labor to the surrounding villagers and neighbors. Members of the women's team delivered birthday cakes and buckwheat cakes made by themselves to the elderly and children who were about to celebrate their birthdays to express their best birthday wishes. Those who received the cakes were very moved and thanked everyone for their blessings. The baking training held in Ranmo Village is still popular with women.
The first handmade lipstick making course was held in Pianma Village, and more than 30 women attended the training on the spot. First, the teacher explained the ingredients and process of lip balm, and led everyone to make hand-made lip balm together. From material matching, heating and stirring, molding, condensation and other processes, every woman on the scene participated in it. Everyone has a clear division of labor and tacit understanding, and finally completed the production of 70 lip balms. In addition to enjoying the fruits of their labor, everyone brought back the remaining lip balms and distributed them to neighbors, relatives and friends.
Every training, every activity is not only about personal skill improvement, but also the team capacity building of community organizations and the creation of community atmosphere. Everyone is both a current students and a future teacher. In a community full of positive energy, iIt is also one of the expectations of the project to incubate more talented people in the community. Through a variety of activities, women can live a more exciting and happier life.

Support the elderly and those in need to purchase rural medical insurance

In order to further serve the elderly and disadvantaged groups and raise the awareness of community residents on the importance of social medical insurance, Teranmo Village and Pianma Village have launched medical insurance subsidy projects for the elderly over 80 years old and some disadvantaged groups. After repeated communication with the village committee, the funding method and list of recipients were finally determined.
In December 2021, an on-site meeting on medical insurance funding was held in the Pianma Village Activity Room and the Ranmo Village Activity Room. The agency respectively distributed a certain amount of subsidy to the village committees of the two villages to support 70 elderly people aged 80 and above and some poor people in Pianma Village, and 30 elderly people aged 80 and above and some poor people in Ranmo Village to purchase rural personal medical insurance in 2022.

Support Pianma Village Women and Elderly Entertainment Fitness Equipment

Through the preliminary investigation and demand analysis, it was found that the women in Pianma Village had the expectation to purchase sports equipment for the villagers' daily fitness and entertainment. The project provided women with sports equipment such as skipping ropes and badminton equipment, and jointly created a public goods management system. The purchase of entertainment and fitness equipment can not only make people healthy, but also enrich the entertainment life of community residents.

Hanyuan County Oven and Solar Lamp Project

In October, the project personnel finally determined the suppliers of the oven and solar lights through a number of inquiries and price comparisons in physical stores and online stores. In November and December, project personnel held a project introduction meeting and registration meeting in Ranmo Village and Pianma Village, respectively. At the meeting, the project personnel introduced the project content, purpose and requirements, and then collected the investment from the participating households in turn. In order to further ensure the quality of the ovens, at the end of November, three ovens were installed in Ranmo Village for experimentation. If the experiment is successful, it will be promoted on a larger scale.

Xide County Oven and Solar Lamp Project

Through community mobilization in Siguojue Village and Machang Village, there are currently about 19 households in the two villages who hope to receive funding for the oven project, and about 100 households who hope to receive funding for solar lamps. At present, these two types of projects are in the intensive procurement process. It is hoped that the procurement can be completed and delivered to the villagers before the end of January, so that the villagers can spend a bright and peaceful New Year.

The things and people in the village

During a capacity building activity for a women's group, we were fortunate enough to meet the heroine of our story, Aga. Her positive attitude and helpful behavior touched us deeply. We think at least at that moment, she was beautiful.
Her family lives in Siguojue Village. She had 4 children, but unfortunately 2 passed away. During that time, she was devastated and washed her face in tears every day. The pain of losing her child, coupled with the devastation of the ruthless years, made her just 64 years old to appear much older than her actual age. Her figure was thin, her eyes were always red, and her face was always in pain, as if she is about to sag. Until now, she has to go to the hospital frequently for treatment, and her eyes will feel better only after taking medicine.
Despite all the trials and tribulations in life, she is still so strong, optimistic and chatty. She never put her sadness on her face. She said that she didn't want to bring these negative energies to the people around her. She wanted to bring her optimistic and kind self to everyone. She always said that in fact, there are people who are not as happy as she is, and people can't always live in memories, since it's really painful. So she hopes that everyone can get out of the pain and face the reality bravely. She said that life will always bring us a lot of hardships and trials inadvertently, and we can only face them with a smile. She said: "I hope that I can help others, and I also hope that every relative and friend around me has a good life. Now the social conditions are so good, I should cherish my life. Although I am not very rich, I also hope that, I will help those who need it as much as I can. I am very sympathetic to those who have lost their husbands and relatives. I am also willing to help others, and I hope everyone can share good things together.”
In our life, we will inevitably suffer from accidents of one kind or another. Accidents are beyond our control, but we have the right to choose different attitudes towards the pain, sadness and setbacks brought about by accidents. The hardships of life give us the opportunity to test ourselves, whether it is destroyed by the hardships, or a stubborn little flower in the predicament, Aga has taught us the best lesson with her experience and kind and positive attitude. It can be seen how important it is to maintain an optimistic attitude at all times. The positive energy of helping others from the heart and not expecting anything in return is the true portrayal of our Yi women who are not overwhelmed by pain and setbacks and face real life positively. She is ordinary and great.

About us

Since its inception, DORS has insisted on applying participatory methods throughout all projects, focusing on the sustainable development of project villages. DORS works closely with local villagers to create opportunities and atmosphere for the target group to actively participate in the whole process of the project on the basis of full respect, trust, openness and transparency, and to decide, plan, design, implement and manage the project on their own. Projects implemented by DORS try to benefit the entire community, with particular attention to groups such as women, the disabled, and families in distress in the community.
DORS has formed a DORS working family with project staff as the core, office staff as the guarantee, and volunteers as important helpers. The family members perform their duties and cooperate sincerely. We look forward to serving the people more professionally and effectively and contributing our own strength.
In 2022, we will work together to achieve our expectations and wish the world a better place!




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