Jun / July 2012 No. 110

Energy Project

In charge of project: Project & Technical Officer Bai Shihai, Project Assistant Liu Yi

The baseline study of Wanlin Village was completed in June. DORS signed the Biogas & Fuel Efficient Stove Projects agreements with Hamlet 2 villagers in July The baseline study of Hejiang Village was completed in early July, afterwards, DORS signed the Biogas & Fuel Efficient Stove Project construction agreement with village committee in late July.

DORS signed the second batch Biogas project agreement with Wanjia Village on 30th July.

During this summer, mudslides triggered by heavy rain continued to wreak havoc in Sichuan, breaking roads and causing transportation chaos. The fuel-efficient stove project and biogas project in Hangshan and Wanli Villages were affected due to the construction materials not being able to reach the villages. A yellow rainstorm alert has been issued and DORS will continue to monitor the road and weather conditions and inform villagers when the project can be re-started.

July 3, a biogas useage safety training session was arranged for project participants of Ranmo Village by DORS project officer Bai Shihai and Project assistant Liu Yi, to ensure villagers know how to use and maintain the biogas facilities.

Village Agreements
Completed Evaluated Remarks
Fuel Efficient
Stove Project
He Ai 34 16 18 0

Heng Shan

9 9 0 0 Construction materials could not be delivered to the project site due to heavy rain. The implementation had to be suspended.
Huo Di 15 8 7 0
Da Wei 102 0 102 102 6 built stoves which could not pass the evaluation have been rectified, now await second evaluation.
Wan Lin 9 0 9 9 Await Evaluation
Wan Li 16 0 0 0 Demonstration Project. Construction materials could not be delivered to the project site due to village roads being blocked by heavy rain. The implementation had to suspended.
Bio Gas Project He Jiang 0 0 0 0 Completed the baseline study
Wan Li 4 0 0 0 As above
Wan Jia 22 0 0 22 Evaluated
Da Wei 24 9 15 0 In the Process of implementation
Wan Jia 21 0 0 0 The 2nd batch of 21 copies of agreements have been signed by 30th July

Project Progress in Chalin Village

Completed fuel-efficient stove project, biogas project, aqua privies project evaluation and reimbursement

Waste reduction practice - sorting household waste: lots of village roads were blocked due to heavy rain in June, July, construction materials was not able to be delivered to the project site The implementation had to be suspended.

Cultural Event preparation, rehearsal and performance.

Organised by : Project Officer Li Maohui, Project Assistant: Pu Haoyue and Wang Jingmei

Project Progress in Moduo Village

Cultural Event preparation, rehearsal and performance..

Community pollution source and public resource management sharing meeting negotiation, preparation and holding. In the branch meeting, DORS and villagers from Xiaojin Village discussed the measures and shared the experiences of how to deal with pollution source and public infrastructure and resource management.

Completed Fuel-efficient stove project, biogas project, aqua privies project evaluation and reimbursement

pesticide reduction practice - insecticidal lamp demonstration


Community waste recycle research sharing meeting in Tongjiang City

Together with Community Research key participants of Moduo Village, Project Officer Li Maohui and Project Assistant Pu Haoyue went to Tongjiang City to attend the “Community waste recycle Research sharing”. In this sharing meeting, all participants from different institutes, villages and organisations exchanged their findings and experiences, which increased villagers‟ interests to work on the waste recycle process.

Youth growth and their social development workshop

Project assistant Wang Jingmei attended a workshop co- organised by Partnerships for Community Development (PCD), The Institute for Civil Society (ICS) of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), and Sichuan Shangming Charity Development Research Centre. The topic was “Youth Growth and their social development”. Jinmei said: „I have learned a lot from this workshop, it demonstrated a truth that youth development is connecting with people and society‟.

Participatory and development: Exchanging of Pictures record Stories training forum

Good photos can inspire people,they can also truly reflect the project implementation. For those who are busy with implementing projects and writing progress report, the “Photos record stories” training arranged by Shuguang Organization provided all participants with a new perspective of how to take picture to illustrate the project. Project Assistant Jingmei attended the training on 10th – 11th July and received lots of good ideas to show villagers how to use photos to record stories.

DORS News and Information

Our dear friends, the summer season is also a fruitful season; the fruits of peaches, plums, apples and pears are diffusing fragrance . We sincerely wish you a happy, healthy and cool summer.





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