Feb / Mar 2012 No. 108

Energy Project: Fuel-efficient Stove Project

The fuel-efficient stove project is progressing well

Project Site No.of Agreement Signed In progress Completed Evaluated
Wanping Village  190  49  141  141
Zhaoyuan Village 62 0 62 62

Energy Project - Bio Gas Project

This is the first bio-gas project with 22 Bio-gas generating pits as demonstration

Project Site No. of Agreements Signed In Progress Completed  Evaluated
Wanjia Village 0 22 0 0

Integrated & Income Generated Project:

To improve the big white bean harvest in Shiquan Village

  • Project background: Big white bean (butter bean) is a traditional source of agricultural income in Shiquan Village. In recent years, the yield of the big-white bean is reducing due to being frequently affected by pests and disease. Based on the previous good project cooperation with Shiquan Village, and in order to further assist villagers to increase the yield of big white bean, we decided to help villagers to bring in new big white bean variety.
  • Project purpose: Bring in the new pest and disease resistant variety, therefore increasing the yield for income generation.
  • Project methods: Compare the previous and new growth situation to gauge the impact.
  • Investment: RMB 6814 ( DORS funded RMB 3407 and the rest RMB3407 are paid by villagers themselves)
  • Seeds purchased: 787.5kg
  • Participants: 38 households
  • Expecting completion date: Oct 2012
  • Project Progress: Households will cultivate in April, DORS will follow up the progress.

Health Village Project - Moduo Village

This Project is at the discussion phase:
Based on the Thailand’s health village case study, we are preparing the rubbish disposal action plan according to villagers’ need

Apple Trees Management– insecticidal lamp

This Project is at the discussion phase:
DORS will work out the portion of Villagers’ input and DORS’ fund to purchase the insecticidal lamp , which is used to prevent the pest affecting apple trees.

Health Village Project - Moduo Village

Drinking Water Project construction process

  • Construction content: lay the main pipe in the Yan Wo Gou
  • Construction Period: 15 days during March of 2012
  • Altitude: 2230 meters
  • Walking hours: 2 hrs
  • Project Environment Temperature: 0 oC
  • Villagers participate: 40 people
  • Water Pipes needed: 450 pieces
  • This project is progressing well despite the long distances to carry the piping, and the harsh wintery conditions.

Health Village Project - Community Photography

  • Reduce community pollution, mitigate the natural environmental pressures.
  • Increase people’s awareness of health and hygiene in the community, improve the living environment.
  • Improve the community’s self-management capability, improve the community capability of public resource management.
  • To improve the community’s understanding the meaning of “Health Village’
  • Construct the assistance, cooperation and friendly community environment

Since the commencement of the Community Photography Project, the photographers have taken sets of random pictures, but all have stories behind them. DORS has tried to inspire them to write down all the stories. This is not an easy task, as you have to get to know the customs of the Yi Culture, the changes in villages and the differences of the local culture. Through this inspiration, we hope to direct every photographer to understand the real meaning of “Health Village”. We look forward to April’s sharing meeting to get more information and news.

Nutrition Lunch Project

  • Project School -Nimei Township Cenral
  • Primary School & ShiQuan Village Junior School
  • Students benefitting :299
  • Launch date: 16th Feb 2012
  • Sponsor: Mr Wu Anming

In remote mountain area ,due to the resource limited, most of students’ home is far way from school , they can’t go back home for their lunch as it will take 1 or 2 hours walk from school to home.They can only eat potatos, snacks ,cold meal .his project will improve all those student’s hot lunch situation.

Giving Warmth Project

ChangJiang Normal Education Foundation  - Clothes Donation

The table below shows how many clothes have been given out in 6 villages. So far we have received 6564 pieces of clothes, 3040 new pencils.

XiangShu Village Wan Pin Village Wan Pin Primary School Pian Ma Central Primary School Wan Jia Village Cha Lin Village
96 pieces of clothes 238 pieces of clothes 125 pieces of clothes 762 pieces of clothes, 1400 new pencils 45 pieces of clothes 571 pieces of clothes

Special Thanks :

Here we would like to thank all the people who helped us to carry all the clothes up three flights of stairs to DORS office. Over one hundred bags of clothes with more than 30kg each bag were carried by our friends on their back. Hanyuan’s charitable work runs well with your support: thanks to Jingmei’s parents, Maohui’s husbands and Qiu Tianxiong and Pujie.

DORS news and information

With the spring coming, the winter has walked away. Hanyuan county at the moment has very beautiful landscape, everywhere is full of the peach flowers, pear flowers and plum flowers blooming. We sincerely welcome all of friends come to visit Hanyuan, thanks to all your support. Wish you a good health and have a good work.





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