Profile of the DORS Team

DORS' Current Staff:

  1. Rose AcockRose Acock is from Gloucester, England. She has been interested in China for many years, and lived and worked here for over 10 years. She has a Master's Degree in Development Studies from Leeds University, and speaks fluent Mandarin. Rose is particularly interested in rural development and has travelled extensively throughout China. Rose, along with Richard Anderson, set up the Development Organisation of Rural Sichuan in 1996. She implemented projects in Hanyuan and Ganluo Counties in Sichuan Province as Director of DORS. She moved back to England in 2006 and continues to guide, monitor and assist the DORS office in Hanyuan while living in England.
  2. Guo YumeiGuo Yumei, DORS’ vice-director and project officer, BA, a native of Hanyuan. She began working with DORS as a trainee in February of 2000, and has since become employed as a full-time staff. Prior to working with DORS, she attended the Sichuan Forestry College in Dujiangyan, where she graduated with a degree in Forestry Policy and Management. After coming to DORS she took over for Adam Grant as Social and Community Forester, coordinating forestry projects. In 2006 she became Vice-Director of DORS, in overall charge of managing the office and all village projects. She serves as a consultant for DORS since April 2015.
  3. Bai ShihaiBai Shihai is a native of Hanyuan, project technical advisor. He previously worked with the Rural Energy Bureau in Hanyuan County, and has plentiful rural work experience. He initially provided technical support for stoves and sties projects. In November 2002 he officially joined DORS, becoming DORS’ full-time staff. Now he and Li Maohui are together in charge of the management of project implementation.
  4. Sang LingzhiSang Lingzhi, she is in charege of office administration and finance, a native of Hanyuan, graduated from Sichuan Technology & Business College and started working  in October 2010. She is the accountant and administrator now.

DORS’s former staff:

DORS couldn’t develop without the support and help given by former staff, they have contributed a lot in the work of organization management, publicity, fund-raising, website, volunteer-recruitment, etc.

1996,Richard Anderson(England)

1999,Jim Weldon(England), Adam Grant(England)

2000,Mark Treacher(England), Elsa Fan(America), Sandrine Lapuyade(France)

2001,Felix AuYeung(America), Caroline Legros(Canada)

2002,Rita Bonomally(Mauritius), Li Penghui(China), Peter Vautier(England), Zhuang Yongtao(China)

2003,Li Caihong(China)

2004,Katie Maher(Australia), Huang Haoran(China), Thomas Li(China Buyi minortiy), Gillian Tan(Malaysia)

2005,Adam Jung(America), Zhang Zhenfang(China,Yi minority)

2006,Wang Zhifang(China), Anne-Marie Verdel(Netherlands), Yang Fangyuan(China), Li Maohui(China)

2007,Katherine Miller(America), Guo Yuchi(China), Zhang Guangtao(China)

2008,Liu Yusen(China), Wang Yang(China)

2009,Peng Naling(China), Yang Aihao(China)

2010,Li Chunmei(China)

2011,Zhou Yumei(China), Liu Yi(China)


2014,Duan Hongxia(China), Shao Wenquan(China),

2015,Tuo Guodong(China)

2016, Chen Ganlin(China), Zi Chaowen(China)

2017, Peng Naling(China), Wang Lulu(China), Luke Jimu(China), Lu Jiaming(China)

2020, Zhang Yuru(China)

2021, Qiu Yuyun(China), Yang Lizhen(China), Zhang Xiulei(China)

  1. Co-founder Richard Anderson began DORS with Rose Acock in 1996, and worked as DORS staff in Hanyuan for 2 years before returning to the UK in May 1999. Prior to coming to China, he studied Human Ecology at Huddersfield University. During his time in Hanyuan he worked alongside Rose in learning about rural China and poverty alleviation in Sichuan, and helped to establish DORS as an organisation. He is currently working as a Development and Support Manager with an Internet company in the UK. Rich still supports DORS from the UK.
  2. Jim Weldon: Jim Weldon, a British citizen, worked as a project assistant with DORS for a year, beginning in July of 1999 until October 2000. He specialized in Chinese language and literature, with a degree in Classical and Modern Chinese from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. As such, he is fluent in Mandarin and had an excellent command of written Chinese. Prior to his work with DORS, he worked as a translator with different organisations and universities. With DORS, he assisted with translations, as well as with implementing various projects. Jim was living in Beijing working for ChinaBrief.
  3. Adam Grant: Adam Grant, also a British citizen, was brought on as the social and community forestry expert for DORS in September 1999. He graduated from the National School of Forestry [Newton Rigg College] at the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Social and Community Forestry, where he did a thesis on agro-forestry and its potential land use in the UK. During his time with DORS, he was responsible for implementing and managing DORS' forestry projects. In August of 2000 after leaving Hanyuan, Adam returned to study a Master's degree in Renewable Natural Resources and Development at the University of East Anglia.
  4. Mark Treacher:Mark Treacher, a British citizen, came to Hanyuan as an English teacher with the local middle school, Hanyuan Han Erzhong, in March of 2000. While here, he also worked part-time with DORS as a self-funded , assisting with different projects including education. Mark completed his degree in Social Sciences before continuing to obtain a Master's at Leeds University with a degree in Development Studies. Prior to working in Hanyuan, he was teaching English throughout China, and has travelled extensively throughout the country. He left Hanyuan in October of 2000.
  5. Elsa Fan, an American citizen with fluent Mandarin, began her work with DORS in October of 2000. She graduated in 1998 from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology and Psychology. From there, she spent a year in Washington DC working on policy issues affecting women before continuing her studies with a Master's degree in Anthropology and Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she did her thesis on the one child family policy of China. In working with DORS, she has done an evaluation on the micro-credit schemes to date, and worked on a variety of projects. Her contract was completed in May 2002.
  6. Sandrine Lapuyade:Sandrine Lapuyade, a French citizen, assisted DORS with fundraising from her base in Shanghai during 2000-2001.
  7. Felix AuYeung:Felix AuYeung, an American citizen, came on board as a short-term with DORS in summer of 2001. Born in Hong Kong, he moved to the States at age 9 and studied Mechanical Engineering and Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. He later completed his Master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology University (MIT) before coming to China. He oversaw the fuel-efficient stoves project in Nimei Township, living and working with and training local villagers. Felix worked with DORS for three months on a self-funded basis, from April 2001 until the end of June 2001.
  8. Caroline Legros: Caroline Legros, a Canadian citizen, started working for DORS in July 2001. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Science and the Environment and Human Biology, she lived in Tianjin for a year studying Chinese and teaching English. She arrived in Hanyuan in March 2001 to research DORS' agro-forestry projects in Chenhe village for her Master's degree in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Prior to working with DORS, she has conducted research in different areas, including Ecuador and Canada. Caroline, who is fluent in Mandarin, was involved in implementing new projects in the nearby Ganluo County as well as in Hanyuan.
  9. Rita Bonomally:Rita Bonomally, a Mauritius citizen, joined DORS in March 2002. She lived and worked in China for a number of years. Fluent in the Chinese language, she completed her BA in Sociology at the Education Renmin University in Beijing, and completed her MSc in Development Management while at DORS. She also spent a year at the Beijing Language and Culture University studying Chinese. Rita was a Project Officer. Prior to joining DORS, she worked at the British Embassy and Medecins sans Frontieres.
  10. Li Penghui is also a local man from Hanyuan and is DORS’ driver for when we visit villages. He has been working for DORS as a part-time staff since 2002. Now he is an official full-time worker.
  11. Peter Vautier, from London, England. He started working for DORS in Nov. 2002. For his 6-months’ working period, Peter was first involved in water supply, then took over some of Zhuang's responsibilities. He had good Chinese language skill so he could easily communicate verbally and in writing.
  12. Zhuang Yongtao, a Chinese citizen. Graduated from China Agricultural University, his work together with the DORS team started in July 2002. During his ten months’ career, he worked as Project Assistant and took charge of general projects and community-orientated training work. At the time of joining DORS, he was a student with master’s degree in sociology. He showed great enthusiasm and interest in rural development work and was familiar with general rural development issues.
  13. Li Caihong, a Chinese citizen. Graduated from China Agricultural University, she worked for DORS as a Trainee Project Assistant for one year, starting in July 2003. Her main tasks were assisting with general projects.
  14. Katie Maher: Katie Maher joined DORS in April 2004. Her five years in China have been spent studying Mandarin, teaching cultural studies, and engaging in research and development. Katie had a range of experience working with young people in China and Australia on education, livelihood, and cultural and social justice projects. Her education background included a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and postgraduate qualifications in cross cultural communication. Her contract was completed in September 2005.
  15. Huang Haoran, Chinese, started working for DORS in July 2004. He was accomplished in computer engineering and IT development. Before joining DORS, he was a professional writer with experience working for media and cultural organizations, complemented by competence in English-Chinese translation and computer engineering and IT development.
  16. Thomas Li, a Chinese minority citizen, assisted DORS as a Trainee Project Assistant for 6 months. He had volunteer experience before joining DORS, and understood how to work in a village.
  17. Gillian Tan:From Malaysia, joined DORS as a tree-month volunteer, she had a master degree in Social Science and was familiar with Chinese culture.
  18. Adam Jung, an American citizen with fluent Mandarin, Adam was employed with DORS as a project assistant on a two year contract which started work in January 2005. He took charge of micro-credit, education, and some integrated projects.
  19. Zhang Zhenfang, an Yi minority person, Chinese. She worked for DORS from March 2005 to March 2006. Prior to working for DORS, she studied in Southwest Nationalities University. Her main tasks were assisting with general project and office work for the Misereor-funded Integrated Rural Development Programme as Trainee. Her Yi minority background help us to better understand Yi culture and to better communicate with local Yi people.
  20. Wang Zhifang is a local woman from Qingxi and joined DORS in July 2006 as a full-time staff. She works as a Project Assistant for the Misereor Integrated Project Villages. Wang Zhifang studied Veterinary Studies in Ya’an which is especially helpful in carrying out DORS’ livestock projects.
  21. Anne-Marie Verdel, a Dutch citizen, worked for DORS from September–December 2006 as a Project Assistant. She has a Master’s degree in Sinology and International Business from Leiden University in the Netherlands and speaks, reads and writes Mandarin Chinese. During her studies she also studied at the Beijing Language and Culture University in 1999 – 2000.
  22. Yang Fangyuan is from Guiyang, Guizhou province, China. She joined DORS in December 2006 as a full-time worker. She worked as a Project Assistant and also was responsible for publicity. Prior to working with DORS, she worked as a quality controller at Shanghai. Yang Fangyuan left DORS in July 2008.
  23. Katherine Miller, an American. She started to work for DORS in May 2007. Prior to coming to DORS, she once lived in China for 2 years to study Chinese and Chinese culture. She graduated in 2001 from Northwestern University majoring in political science and international studies, then she studied counseling (for social work) at the University of Michigan. She has lots of volunteering experience. She joined DORS in May of 2007, mainly in charge of translation, and also does some administrative work.
  24. Guo Yuchi - From Guangdong, he graduated from Shenzhen University Broadcast department and majored in Advertising with a concentration in filming. From 2006-2007 he went to remote Jingu township in Guangxi province to teach English, and also overcame the language barrier in communicating with the Zhuang minority inhabitants. During the winter vacations he went “over hill and dale” in the mountains to take over 1000 pictures to give the local residents. His fondness for English led him to master reading, writing, and actual speech. In September 2007 he became DORS’ 28th member since its founding. He worked for DORS for a couple months for free, on filming and publicity work for DORS.
  25. Zhang Guangtao, from Cangzhou in Hebei province, came to DORS in December of 2007. When he arrived he was a third year student at Chongqing Social Work Professional Institute, majoring in Community Management and Service. He was born in the countryside and likes the countryside, and his social work background has helped him contribute to DORS a lot. Now he has completed his volunteering period (10 months--through Sichuan Youth Volunteer Program) and has been hired by DORS as a Project Assistant.
  26. Liu Yusen comes from Weifang city in Shandong province. She graduated from Ludong University in Shandong, majoring in social work. Coming to DORS in August 2008, she mainly assists Bai Shihai in implementing projects. A kind and gentle-hearted young woman, she has a heart for the underprivileged evidenced by her volunteer work serving seniors, orphans, the mentally handicapped, etc. She has good English skills as well and can assist in translation. Coming from a rural area she has a background in issues and concerns there, which is helpful to DORS.
  27. Wang Yang comes from Sichuan’s Guang’an city, and joined DORS in September of 2008. He graduated from Changsha Social Work College in Hunan, and before coming to DORS worked at an international poverty alleviation agency in Ganluo as a volunteer for two years, and as regular staff for a year. While in college doing two years of village practicum work, he developed a lively interest in rural work, and determined to make rural work his career. We believe his previous experience will be beneficial to DORS’ work.
  28. Peng Naling, a native of Hanyuan, completed her degree in Sichuan Agriculture University. She joined DORS in June 2009 as a full time worker, from Sep 2009 to Sep 2010 she worked for DORS as administrator and project assistant.
  29. Yang Aihao, a Cantonese, graduated from China Women’s University majoring in Social Work. Served DORS as a full time employee from July to October, 2009.
  30. Li Chunmei, Hanyuan native, she completed her bachelor degree majoring in Animal Medicine from Xichang Institute. Worked for DORS as administration assistant from August to September, 2010.
  31. Pu Haoyue is from Suining, Sichuan Province, graduated from Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, in August 2010 she joined DORS as an project assistant. She is specially in charge of education projects now.
  32. Wang Jingmei, a native of Hanyuan, studied in Sichuan Management Professional Institute before joining DORS. She is currently in charge of publicity.
  33. Chen Jianhua is native of Hanyuan, in May 2010 he joined DORS as a part-time driver. He is a skillful driver which ensures staff’s safety on trip to villages.
  34. Zhou Yumei, a Cantonese, she completed her degree in Guandong Vocational & Technical Formal School majoring in electronic commerce, she worked for both foreign and private companies as purchasing specialist before joining DORS in September 2011, she was in charge of translation and publicity, part of administration, she left DORS in September 2012.
  35. Liu Yi, a Sichuan local, graduated from Business School of Sichuan Agriculture University in 2012. Joining DORS as a college student and volunteer, she was eager to learn and conscientious with work, hoping to adapt her knowledge into work and contribute to the rural development. She worked for DORS from December 2011 to December 2012.
  36. Li Bo, Chinese, graduated from Sichuan University, in March 2013 he joined DORS with passion for public interest. He assists with translation and income generation projects. This serious ,practical and responsible boy, with a passion for public welfare came to DORS. While he had a rural childhood experience, he was very interested in the job. He is very introverted, with a lot of hobbies. He says he wants to be a "exquisite altruist". He left at the end of March 2014.
  37. Duan Hongxia, graduated from Sichuan Judicial officer College Law Department , had joined DORS in Oct 2014, in the hope of making some contribution to the charity, public welfare. He left in April 2015.
  38. ShaoWenquan,study in Jinggangshan University,from January 2015 began his 3 months internship in DORS. With enthusiasm and gratitude, he hoped to contribute for the development of public welfare!He left in May 2015.
  39. Tu Guodong , project assistant, from Shandong Province,graduated from Ocean University of China, and has experience working on education of migrant and leftover children from 2011 to 2015 in Beijing and Shandong. He is hoping to do some service for peasants in rural area.
  40. Chen Ganlin: Tujia minority, project officer, from Chongqing, graduated from the Jiangsu University of Science Technology. Joined the DORS in April 2015,with international agency working experience, he hoped to penetrate into rural community development work, explored to exploit, help and support the comprehensive and sustainable development of the spontaneous minority immigrant community.
  41. Li Maohui, Yi minority, a local woman from Hanyuan, project manager. She graduated from Xichang Institute’s three-language teacher-training program (Yi, Han and English). In June 2006 she joined DORS as a full-time staff and from the beginning was in charge of things related to administration, with project management added on in 2008,now she is responsible for coordination of daily work and projects. Her husband is of Yi minority and therefore Li Maohui has an understanding of Yi culture and language which is helpful in our work with Yi minorities in the villages we work in.

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