Feb /Mar 2013 No.114

Hengshan Village Tiller Project

During Feb and March is the best season to plant potatoes after Chinese New Year. Hengshan villagers are normally very busy (of) sowing seeds at this time, but it was the reverse, all villagers were staying at home. From our investigation, we were told that it is too dry to sow . According to villagers, there is no rain since Chinese New Year, even the snow was less than previously (time). The drought (which) leads to the farmland being too hard for cattle to plough. Villagers would have to wait for rain if there is no other way to handle the situation. It was imperative to have a tiller to solve the problem, otherwise, they will miss the best planting time. DORS understands how important it is for villagers to cultivate on time, therefore, we decided to bring the tiller project forward for Hengshan villagers to cultivate as soon as possible. Although we brought the project forward, the implementation action plan, team duties, members selection, price enquiry and maintenance all had to go through the discussion procedure. On 22nd Mar, the supplier sent 6 tillers to the village and taught villagers how to safely use and maintain the machines on field. Villagers practiced (see right picture) on the farmland to ensure that they have correctly understood the messages.

This tiller project not only helps villagers cultivate their farmland in the drought season, but also gives them convenience. For example, it cultivates faster than by using cattle, which helps to save labor and time. Also, villagers don’t need to raise cattle for cultivation. Other effects are helping villagers to increase the efficiency of planting in spite of the drought.

According to the calculation, one tiller can do the job of 80 persons’ labor per year, 6 tillers can save labor equal to

480 persons per year. The cultivated depth and width by tiller are better than by cattle, villagers can sow seed immediately, otherwise, they would have to conduct the soil aeration by manpower. This mechanism improves the planting efficiency, by the time you read the newsletter, villagers have planted potato seeds, and the seedlings have come out from the soil.

We wish villagers (have) a good harvest.

Energy Project

Investigation into usage of Fuel-efficient stoves

Discussing, analyzing and finding out the solution are the ways DORS manages projects. We learn from the experiences from each project so as to improve future projects.

March, DORS project manager Mr. Bai Shihai telephone interviewed villagers from 37 villages of 17 townships in 3 counties about the usage situation of the fuel-efficient stoves DORS funded for years.

The situation were: DORS has implemented 2244 fuel-efficient stoves so far. About 40 stoves were damaged or abandoned due to the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake and some households migration. The rest of the stoves are used in villages.

According to villagers, they have saved a lot of firewood by using the fuel-efficient stoves, which also reduced the time and labors in collecting firewood in the forest. This project not only protects our environment, but also improves villagers' living situation as the stove increases the firewood burning rate and reduces the emission, which protects women’s eyes and peogaste.(what is this?)

DORS will improve the work according to the project deficiency we found from the investigation.

Infrastructure Construction - Huodi Village

hamlet 5. Construction of household paths and courtyards. According to our investigation, the households' paths and courtyards construction are the most needed projects for Huodi Hamlet 5 villagers.

Purpose: to improve villagers living situation and accessibility through helping them to harden up the muddy road into solid surface.

Funding standard: DORS provided the project materials (which had to be purchased from market) and technical support; it costs RMB 24000 in total. Villagers are responsible for sand (including sand collection, transport), formwork and labour required. In addition, each household needs to provide RMB 90 guarantee funds and RMB 10 for project management fee ( for team member telephone and travelling expenses)

Participants: 21 households, 78 persons

Project scale: the length of path is 273 meters, the size of courtyards is 811 m2.

Project progress: 5 households’ courtyard and the paths were built, DORS will follow up the project progress. Project Duration: 7th March to 20th May, 2013


The 19th Chuan Dao Xue Yuan learning & exchanging activity

In March, Wang Jingmei attended the 19th Chuan Dao Yue Yuan Learning & Exchanging activity, which was organized by Sichuan Sangming Development and Research Centre. The activity included a seminar to discuss the characteristic of Sichuan public welfare activity development, the challenges and opportunities of Chinese’s public welfare institute, the difference of traditional charity and public welfare activities.

“Chinese New Year symposium ” of Changjiang Normal Education Foundation (CNEF)

CNEF’s mission is to facilitate children’s education and put into action since its establishment. The foundation wishes to help children to be a “integrity, hard working, warmhearted” citizens through the project.

In March, DORS staff Li Maohui and Pu Haoyue went to Suzhou City to attend the Chinese New Year Symposium held by CNEF. The CNEF shared their 2012 review and 2013 plan with all participants, they also expressed appreciation to all participants for their long term support.

DORS News and Information

DORS new member: Li BO, who was born in Sichuan and grown up in Tianjin, he graduated from Sichuan University in 2006. He joined DORS with great enthusiasm and interests as he was living in villages when he was a child. With new member joining, DORS is injected with new blood, we wish him a good time in DORS.

With Spring coming, all plants are green. It is also a rainy season. All kinds of fruit are ripening in Hanyuan, We welcome you to Hanyuan to visit our nice landscape and taste the fresh fruits. We wish you happy and nice days.





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