Oct / Nov 2013 No. 118


Daying Village Drinking Water Project:

During October, while many households are still working on the post earthquake reconstruction project, villagers of Hamlet 7 have started to build the drinking water supply system. In late Oct, our technician Mr. Baishihai went to the construction site to assist villagers to work on this project, such as the installation of the pipe and the position of the pipeline, how to design the tank and so on.

The project management team has assisted DORS to collect project deposit from villagers before they starting the construction. In order to enhance villagers’ involvement in the operation and management of this project, all materials’ procurement and transportation were given to villagers. They have started the work already, all materials will sent to villages soon. DORS will monitor the quality. DORS have conducted a second spot check in the Hamlets 1-7 of Daying Village for the constructed water supply infrastructure to make sure that the lengths of the pipeline are matched. During DORS visit, the ditch and water tank were under construction.

Technical guidance for Daying Village Drinking Water Project

Hengshan Village Courtyard project for Yi minority cultural activity

According to our telephone check with villagers, this project was completed in October, and was 1.5 months in advance in the coordination by the Nimei Township. The thickness of the 3 courtyards was constructed according to the requirement in line with the road construction standard. Villagers are satisfied with the project as this project was implemented by themselves and the quality is ensured. DORS will evaluate this project in December.

Project Plan discussion and Priority Ranking of the Tashan and Daping Yi Minority Settlements

Together with people from Poverty Alleviation & Migration Bureau of Yingying County, Minjian Town and two communities, DORS discussed the Tashan and Daping Projects Plan and budget with them.  

We first presented the project plan which includes the project background, current existing problems of the communities, objective and the action plan to all people. Then it was the priority ranking procedure. After full discussion with members, a conclusion was drawn up as below:

The main issue is infrastructure which includes improving the living condition, provision of drinking water and accessibility. As the capacity building and income generation are long term issues, we decided to implement the education project right now including training in relation to agricultural, husbandry knowledge which have a direct effect on income generation.

Demand of the “Loan for people to set up business” project

DORS conducted a survey on how many potential people are interested in this project, and provided them with the application forms. We would like to support them to set up their own business so that they can recruit local residents in their business to reach win-win strategy. We will check all the applications and evaluate their capability for the loan.

Livelihood Project

Agricultural Products Marketing and Cooperative Association investigation for 4 villages in Pianma Township

After interview and selection, Mr. Liao joined DORS in early November as project consultant to work on the rural integrated income generation project. He visited our project villages and had discussion with village cadres and villagers to get a full picture of the villages’ potential marketing on local agricultural products.

After we came back from the villages, we analyzed the situation, clarified the different resources and made a ranking, then drew up an investigation report and project plan. Mr. Liao will provide training in accordance with peoples’ needs and explore their views on product marketing.

During the project implementation, we found that the agricultural product marketing has strong connection with cooperative association, so we decided to set up village cooperative association to stimulate the marketing management, therefore optimizing local natural resources ultilisation.

Meeting with Moyu Crop Project Management Team of 4 villages in Pianma Township

In October, DORS had a meeting with management team members of 4 villages in Pianma Township to discuss project management. During the meeting, they had clarified each member’s duty so that each one can play an important role to run the project. With the winter season coming, the first priority is to ensure the seeds do not get frozen. Therefore it is very urgent to inform and teach villagers how to take care of the seeds and this is what the management team will do in the coming weeks. After the meeting, DORS signed the project agreement with 4 villages’ leaders separately and checked the seeds preparation situation with every household.

Misereor Project Auditing

Sichuan Yongle Accounting Firm conducted an audit for the Misereor project in DORS office in Hanyuan. They got to know DORS’ working method through the audit, and agreed with DORS’ financial management and transparency of every expenditure. They also gave DORS some very good advice for future financial management of Misereor project.

Donation Information

Winter Clothes Donation

The temperature has dropped  dramatically in Hanyuan. DORS received a donation of 7 packages of clothes from a Hanyuan local resident. She wished to send these clothes to the people in need during this winter season. We hereby expressed our thanks for her kindness, we will deliver these clothes soon.


DORS Staff participated a sharing workshop arranged by Shaanxi Gender Development Solution (GDS)

In late October, DORS staff member Libo participated in a sharing workshop on “the cutural heritage of traditional rural architecture”in the Heyang County of Shaanxi Province. The workshop is arranged by GDS, they chose the Linquan new village as a case to share the village planning and construction experiences, and explored the policies on the ancient village preservation and architecture cultural heritage. GDS also shared their views on the pros and cons of the project implementation over the years. They wish all participants could use the experiences in their projects to create a new model for new village development in China.

DORS staff attended a seminar organised by Misereor

Misereor Foundation (MF) is DORS’ long-term partner.  MF Beijing Office organised a "MISEREOR partner capacity building - Financial cooperation, ensure the outcome" seminar in the traditional city of Xi’an. According to the requirement, DORS financial officer and project management staff member attended the 3 day seminar. The seminar included presentation, discussion, exercises and competitions to explain the Misereor Project Procedures and Requirement. The main purpose was to tell everyone that reducing the mistakes caused by procedure is very important, which can lead to increase in the efficiency of the project implementation. After getting back from Xi’an, we  shared what we had learnt with the DORS team.

DORS Vice Director attended the first Charity Carnival of Chengdu

With the new year coming, the first Chengdu charity carnival has opened in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Zone, more than 40 charitable organisations joined in the activity to demonstrate their work and objective. This activity was arranged by Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Chengdu Charity Service Centre. The activity covered charity bazaar, donation, organisation work presentation, position recruitment and so on. This is the first charity activity organised by local authority and charitable institute, which provided a platform for government, entrepreneurs, colleges and charitable organisations to exchange their experiences and increase their networks in the future. Ms. Guo Yumei participated in this activity and introduced DORS to other interested parties.

DORS Vice director Guo Yumei met the HelpAge International China-based project manager

With the rapid urbanization growth, the population of  the elderly has became larger and larger. Lots of elders are living alone and feel lonely. How to provide a dignified, secure, active and healthy lives for vulnerable older people has became a social issue worldwide. China is one of the countries which has the largest population of older people in the world. DORS also wants to do something in this field.

On 25th November, DORS vice director Guo Yumei met the HelpAge International China Project manager Mr. Deng in Chengdu. HelpAge International is an international NGO, helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty. They have rich experiences on working for older people. Mr. Deng shared their experiences and achievements with DORS, we both have great interests to work together in the future.

News & Information

With the Christmas Day coming, DORS wishes all people Merry Christmas and good health in the coming year.





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