Aug / Sep 2016No. 135

Project Progress

Micro Loan Project

Loan Plan Survey in Minjian Township of Minjian County

On July 13th -14th, DORS staff conducted a survey on loan plan in Tashan and Daping settlements, visited households and finished 26 questionnaires. After survey analysis and internal discussion, DORS had drawn up the Loan Project plan and  then completed the early project promotion. Gradually more than 20 villagers joined the project and were willing to join the income generating training. The loan we offer is not for consumption but starting business, therefore only participants who have finished the income generating training  make qualified applicants.

Loan Project Assessment in Pianma Township of Hanyuan County

During 26th -28th of September, DORS visited all the available borrowers and village cadres, assessing the project separately in Yongxing Village, Daying Village, Chalin Village, Ranmo Village, Wanping Village, Fuyin Village, Pianma Vilalge. We acquired 40 valid questionnaires and another 9 borrowers had been appointed for telephone interview after the National Day. We will sum up experience of the loan project and  adjust policies through this assessment, hoping to support the villagers more.

Up to September 2016, DORS has provided 58 loans of RMB1,527,000 and received principal of RMB805,033, management fee of RMB43,277.

Health Project

Women Health Education of Yingjing County

5 sessions of women’s’health education training were conducted from August to September, 3 in Tashan community and 2 in Daping, a total of 68 women attended the sessions. The topics of the sessions were Hypertension/Coronary Disease, Hepatitis/Tuberculosis and Reasonable Diet Makes Good Health.

Sustainable Livelihood Project

E-Commerce of Walnuts in Pianma Township

While doing other projects in Pianma township, DORS learnt that the sales price of walnuts is decreasing year after year despite the increase in  sales volume. Some villagers and cadres asked DORS to help find market resources and build reliable marketing channels. In particular, they expected DORS to help sell fresh walnuts through E-commerce.

DORS first cooperated with Mercy Corps by selecting 2 young villagers from the village and sending them to Chengdu to get  professional and systematic training on E-commerce skills; thus they could manage online shops independently afterwards. Then we worked with Hanyuan Sihai E-commercey Company, which helped take a large number of pictures of walnut  in Pianma Village and set up online shops on major E-commerce platforms in China such as   Taobal and Jingdong. To support  online walnut sales promotion, DORS proposed a special fund to make 1000 walnut packages. Any villager from Pianma township that sells walnut online can use the packages without charge. By the end of Sep, DORS has helped the village sell 700kgs. of fresh walnuts, at an average price of 26yuan/kg(including freight cost), which drew villagers much closer to the market.

The online sale of walnuts has kindled hope among young people in the village, strengthened their confidence in E-commerce mode and exercised their knowledge of product packaging and delivery. DORS will continue to promote online walnut sales of Pianma township next year.

Pilot Chicken Raising Project in Tea Plantation in Yingjing County

After mobilization and discussion about the chicken raising project in tea plantation in Daping in August, DORS selected 6 households for the first pilot project. DORS would provide each household with 20 chicks and materials to build a simple chicken house. On 24th Sep, the first chicken house shaped out under the efforts of villagers,  chicks would be bought as soon as the other chicken houses completed. should the pilot project succeeds, it would be extended properly to other households to improve their livelihoods.


Energy and Environmental Protection

Fuel-efficient Stove Project Completed and Assessed in Yijing County

The fuel-efficient stove project in Daping community lasted some 20 days and was completed in early August. The stoves had been put on trial for a certain period of time before assessment, which was conducted on 25th August, all the fuel-efficient stoves built met the standards despite flaws in a few stoves that didn’t affect function. The total cost for 42 households was 41,890yuan, including villager contribution 8,400yuan.

Fuel-efficient Stove Project Under Construction

1.18 stoves of the second batch of 27 fuel-efficient stoves in Changsheng Village of Anjing township of Yijing County have been completed, the other 9 are under construction.

3 stoves in Yongxing village of Fuzhuang township of Hanyuan County have been completed, the rest are under construction .


Literacy Class Initiated

Given the low literacy rate of Yi women, plus some villagers proposed a literacy class to study reading and writing, we plan to open such a class in both Tashan and Daping settlements. Mr.Yang, a kindergarten teacher from Tashan, and his wife who also supports this project, are willing to teach at weekends. The couple are fluent in both Chinese and Yi language, which made them our best choice for teachers. The first literacy class has started on September 10th in Tashan settlement. Only 7 women attended because most villagers are working outside the village. After discussion with villagers, the second class will be given in mid or late October when most villagers have returned. Hopefully the attendance will increase then.

Student Grant

In September 2016, DORS sponsored 10 needy students. 7 of  them were girls, 2 of the 5 college students were girls, 1 middle school student, 2 primary students, the total grant was 14,800yuan .


Training On Society Management Innovation and Social Enterprise

 DORS vice director, Guo Yumei attended a 2-day training in Chengdu held  jointly by Philanthropy and NGO Support Center and Chengdu Shuguang Community Development Capacity-Building Center. The training introduced the latest trends in society management and improvement, improving paths and approaches, as well as the current situations of social enterprises in China and abroad, which are basic concepts of society innovation. Guo had gained better understanding of the domestic and international situations in terms of  society management innovation and social enterprise. With this training, the participants hope to apply what they have learned in future work.





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