Jun / Aug 2018No. 143

31st August 2018

Discussing How to Make Pepper Oil with Villagers

A Villager is Picking Peppers

A Round-corner Fuel-efficient Stove

Project Progress

Yi women Health and Income Generation Project in Ying Jing County

Grant for Income Generation Projects

Another 13 stakeholders from 2 communities were benefited from the grant project in June. In total of 72 households  benefited from this project. A bookkeeping of one to one personal training was given to the project beneficiary to analyse the effects of the income generation project. As most of villagers are low literacy, the training mainly based on cash flows and cash position.

                                                          Training on Keeping Accounts

In July, another 13 households benefited from the grant project in the two communities, of which 6 were  from Tazishan and 7 were from Daping. By end of July, a total of 85 households benefited (60 from Tazishan and 25 from Daping) from this project.

On 25-26th July, DORS invited Ms. He to provide Chinese Pastry Training for villagers Ms. Wangxia, Ms.Mushize and Ms.Nixi for two days in Tazishan Village. Ms. Wangxia started her "breakfast shop" in February, 2018 with DORS support. She wanted to improve her skill in making chinese pastry. Ms. Mushize and Ms. Nixi were interested in the cooking. Ms He has been running a “breakfast shop” in Hanyuan for over 10 years, she is good at making the Chinese pastry and willing to train the 3 women according to their needs. All the steps of making pastry were handed out to them and they were supervised them in practice. We looked forward to women’s achievement after the training.

Another 39 stakeholders from 2 communities benefited from the grant project in August, among which 12 households were from Tazishan and 27 households were from Daping Village. In total of 124 households benefited from this project by end of August.

                                                                      Learning Baking

Mandarin Training

As most of Yi villagers daily language is in Yi dialogue, in order to improve Yi Villagers' communication with Han people especially Yi women, DORS arranged a Mandarin Training lesson for the Tashan and Daying communities starting late August. Two teachers from the Tashan kindergarten were invited to provide the training. The training was mainly related to daily communication such as introduction, going to hospital, calculation and DORS income generation project. The training was hold every day from 7pm-9pm and will be last to end of September.

Teacher, Ms. Shi is Teaching Mandarin  in Tazishan

Sanitation and Health project

 In order to ensure villagers' drinking water quality, the water has been tested. As the manganese levels were excessive in the drinking water in Tashan Hamlet 1, DORS contacted the water purification department to try to find the solution. A set of purification equipment costs about 5,000RMB and the filter needs to be changed every year which, including the maintenance, costs about 1000-2000RMB. After discussion with villagers, they wanted to look for other water sources as they can't afford the maintenance cost.

DORS assisted villagers to install sewage pipes in 4 places for hamlet 2 of Tashan village, in order to alleviate the adverse environmental impacts caused by the nearby discharge of domestic sewage to the surrounding villagers.