Feb / Mar 2016No. 132

Project Progress

Yi Women health and Income Generation Project

Environmental Sanitation Training

In March, DORS conducted a training session on waste sorting and disposal in Tazishan community and Dapingshan Village. Our project staff used the cards and photos to show villagers the current environmental and waste situation, and explained to them the waste sorting methods. We also organised villagers to collect some garbage and assisted them to do the waste segregation which means division of waste into dry and wet waste. Dry waste includes paper, glass, tin cans, cardboard etc. Wet waste , also referred to as organic wastes such as vegetable peels, left-over food etc. The waste sorting follows the ways of waste segregation and the waste recycling which are easy for villagers to follow. All of them realised that the living environment is getting better as long as they keep in mind to classify their garbage and put it in the right rubbish bin. We will carry out such environmental sanitation activities training in this project.  

Income generation- Yi Hand Embroidery Project research in Xichang

In order to assist Yi women to develop the Yi hand embroidery to generate income, DORS Project staff went to Xichang to visit the “Xiyue Yi hand Embroidery Cultural investment company of Liangshan” and “Jiajia Yi Embroidery Traditional Garment company of Liangshan”. Xiyue Company is cooperating with Liangshan Agricultural colleague to focus on the Yi Embroidery specialization process. The Jiajia Company is located in the Yi embroidery street, which is also the women’s business demonstration base. These two companies have very rich experiences on Yi traditional clothing training, and both companies would like to provide the Yi embroidery training for women of Minajian Township when they knew about DORS project. However, the challenges are that it is taking a long time to learn the Yi embroidery skill which required at least half year or even more, and no one ensures to have the market to sell the product if they make it. Women can only learn the basic sewing skill if they only have one month to get the training. No matter how long it takes, it might be an opportunity for them to change their income resource. DORS will discuss with them and try to find a way to make it possible.

Micro Loan Project

A story about the brothers in Pianma Township

A Ping comes from Hamlet 7 of Chalin village in Pianma Township, he attended a business training which was organised by DORS last October and thought about expanding his beef cattle  raising. He wanted to apply for DORS’ loan, but when he learned that the loan must be repaid on a monthly or quarterly basis, he gave up as he thought the repayment methods was not suitable for his business. Last December, A ping found a good opportunity for his business but lacked investment, so he then second time applied, for a second time, for a loan from DORS. After we went through all the procedures of investigation, credit assessment and so on, A ping received RMB30,000 to expand his beef cattle raising. At first he wished to pay back the loan yearly, but he still chose to repay it quarterly. When our staff went to his home on the payment due date, he had prepared the whole principal repayment including the management fee. After we talked about the repayment way, he agreed with DORS that it is easier to pay back a small amount quarterly rather than a big amount yearly.

A Gang is A Ping’s young brother, he is doing the fresh fruit and vegetable business in Hanyuan County. He wanted to change his motorbike to a small van which can transport more goods. When A Ping knew that his brother is bothered by the money to buy a van, he suggested DORS to A Gang and took him to DORS’ office to apply for the loan. In the office, A Ping explained to A Gang how to apply and the repayment ways. With A Ping’s guarantee, A Gang finally received RMB30,000 loan from DORS to run his business. The two brothers used DORS’ loan to expand their businesses and received good profit. A Ping told DORS that he will soon apply for a the second loan from DORS.

According to DORS loan agreement, for those who have good credit standing they can apply for the second loan after 3 months of the first loan. By end of March, DORS has provided 34 loans of RMB 832000, received principal of RMB 168839, management fee of RMB 9798.

Training for villagers to start their business

Together with partner MercyCorps DORS organised two training sessions for villagers on how to start their own business in the Peninsular Hanyuan in March and April. Each session lasted for two days. 107 villagers who have interests and ideas from Pianma, Nimei and Fuzhuang Township attended the training. On the two days’ training, they have learned the knowledge of SWTO analysis, supply chain, cash flow and family financial planning and so on. During the training, the participants used the tools and knowledge they learned to analise their project and shared their own experiences. After the trainings, villagers will start 45 projects which have good potential in the market, among which 8 projects received DORS’ loans. We hope the projects will be successful  in the future.

Environmental Protection Project

Fuel efficient Stove Project in Yongxing Village

DORS technician first visited Yongxing Village of Fuzhuang Township in Hanyuan County on 10th March and we collected the data of energy consumption and the fuel efficient stove project needs in the village. The village committee was very keen to implement this project. DORS has signed a project agreement  with the village committee to help them build 13 stoves for 13 households and planned to train a local stove technician for the village.

Education Project

Assist girls from Tashan Community to preschool study

 In February, DORS assisted 3 girls to preschool study in Tashan Community. After half year’s educational demonstration,  some parents have realized the importance of education for their children, as well as the preschool study. One of the girls’ parents went to school to register for his child. He said: I haven’t received much schooling, and can’t get a good job in the factory. I want my child to get more education and receive more job opportunities in the future.

Provded  Kindergarten education facilities for Tashan Community

In order to support the kids education in the Tazishan Community, in early March, DORS purchased 10 sets desks and chairs, and 2 blackboards for local kindergarten which is run by a couple Mr. & Mrs. Yangwu who are dedicated to the preschool education. They have the preschool education background, Mr. Yangwu’s wife has also worked in the kindergarten.  The kindergarten was opened to public when they received the facilities. The kindergarten served the preschool education for 3-6 years of age children, they have received 15 children ( among which are 9 girls ). They only provide nursery and lower kindergarten for children at the moment. There is no primary school in Tazishan Community, the closest central primary school is 4 kilometers away and children who want to go to school have to walk for 2 hours on a mountainous road. The establishment of the kindergarten serves more children under school ages to go to school nearby.

Special Report

On 10th March, the MasterCard China regional public relations Vice chairman Mr. Wuhuanyu heard that a child called Xiaobin who was born with a harelip needed surgical suture when he visited Yingjing Project site.  He contacted the Smile Angel Foundation (SMF) immediately to ask for a donation for the operation and the SAF agreed to support the operation. When he knew that Xiaobin’s family had to pay for the travel expenses, Mr. Wu gave his father RMB 2000 personally for the cost.

On 21st March, Xiaobin went to the Chengdu Women&Children Central Hospital to receive the harelip suture operation. The operation went well and he went home on 30th March. We also thank to MercyCorps for the whole transportation help.





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