Jul / Sep 2019No. 147

29th December 2019

Walnut Sales Exhibition in Nanmenqiao Community in Xindu District

Signing up for the Third Income Generation Project in Machang

Dors Staff and Trainees after the Finance Management Training

Project Progress

Marketing Project in Piana Town, Hanyuan county

Walnut Management

In August 2019, DORS discussed the necessity and potential training methods for a walnut management technology training with the technical service teams of each village in Pianma Town. One of the reasons for the so far poor management was concluded to be the belief that the investment in training was greater than the benefits. There is already some good practices in walnut management since some families decided to work the business together as a family instead of leaving their homes to work outside the county. These families base their ambitions for higher incomes on walnut farming and put significant effort in it. Everyone agrees that the most important part of technical training is to sort out the consciousness of people. Even though not not all need to join a formal cooperative, it is very useful if there are smaller groups of about 10 like-minded people, discussing and improving their walnut management techniques together. Based on these ideas, we and the village technical service teams carried out 5 walnut pickings with local residents. 92 households participated in the training. In the next step, we will work with these farmers who are committed to a pollution-free management of walnuts to help them improve the quality of walnuts in Pianma Township by funding them to purchase lawn mowers and pruning shears.