Jan / Mar 2019No. 145

31st March 2019

Cooperative capacity building

Villagers participating in the sustainable  livelihood project registration

Consultant counseling cooperative

Project Progress

Walnut Marketing Project for Hanyuan County

Cooperative Capacity Building

Pianma Township Cooperative visited the Mandarin Orange Cooperative in Shimian:In order

to facilitate the cooperative management and operation team’s understanding and perception  of the cooperative developing direction, operation approach and yearly objective, we set the  aims of group start-up, standard regulations, unified technical norms, connecting market and  integrating multiple development elements at the very start of the cooperative. The consultant  advised villagers to travel out of village to visit, communicate, discuss and practice in terms of  management team capacity building and actual operation. Therefore, DORS organized this  visit as the beginning of similar future visits. A total of 17 key members from 8 cooperatives  participated. Let’s hear what they have to say after attending the experience sharing of the  host:

—“The development of the Mandarin Orange Cooperative is quite touching, having seen its

standard management - especially the size-gauging of the oranges - our Jianping cooperative  should also classify walnuts by quality and size, guaranteeing the quality as the Mandarin  Orange Cooperative does. ”

—“In addition to the assembly line and self-made packaging boxes of the Piangyang  Cooperative, it’s dining hall regulations are also worth learning from.”

—“People need to get united and learn more, ideas are fundamental. One needs to take action  to find out which part is difficult, but we should remain united.”

“Quality matters, we should learn unified management, high quality ensures better price.”

—“It takes a lot to lead a team, the director must have strong confidence to get where they are  today. DORS has contributed a lot to carefully plan the visit behind the scenes. It’s said that  one learns to be the person he follows, but how much you can take home depends on your  understanding, whatever you learn will be beneficial to yourself.”