Jun/July 2006

Hanyuan County Fuel Efficient Stove Project

Our Project Villages are located in remote mountainous areas. Villagers main source of fuel for warmth, cooking, and boiling fodder is firewood. Since 2000 DORS has been buildling fuel efficient stoves, and today in 16 villages (including Pingdeng, Dawan, Huodi, Daying and others) a total of 822 households have benefited. At the beginning of this year DORS signed a contract with the Hanyuan County Poverty Alleviation Office's Zhang Guoping in which he agreed to help DORS build 300 fuel efficient stoves. Stoves have been completed in 94 households, 39 more households are currently building, and the remaining households are in planning. Currently DORS is also implementing a demonstration stove project in several villages. During June six were built in Hanyuan County Fuyou Village, and during July 4 were built in Ganluo County Sanshihu Village. The purpose of the demonstration stoves is to encourage village to build further stoves themselves. At the same time and they greatly reduce the load on the local environment. After Sanshihu, Fuyou and other villages each built several demonstration stoves, many other households in these villages have planned to build fuel efficient stoves of their own. Fuel efficient stoves solve several problems that exist with the current design of stove that villagers are using. They greatly reduce the amount of fuel consumption (they burn about half the fuelwood), and thus reduce the negative effects of cutting fuelwood on the local environment. Additionally, they reduce the amount of time spent cooking by about half. Fuel efficient stoves do not release smoke into the kitchen and women therefore do not suffer the harmful effects of inhaling smoke. Fuel efficient stoves have a tile surface which is much cleaner and more sanitary. The fuel efficient stove project also focuses on cultivating local construction skills. During implementation each village has several villagers who learn to build the stoves. These local technicians use their new skills to help other villagers build their stoves. During the evaluation of fuel effecient stoves in four villages over 90% of villagers have demonstrated satisfaction with the project. Through evaluation DORS is able to carry forward the strong points of the project and revise problematic aspects. In this manner future fuel efficient stove projects will start on a stable foundation.
Hanyuan County Wanfu Village Electricity Project
Wanfu village is located in a remote part of the Nimei Yi Autonomous Township. Because of geographical constraints most households have moved from this village (except for those of the first hamlet which is located on the road). Those remaining households in other hamlets do not have the resources to move away and are particularly poor. Since last year villagers of hamlets 1, 2, and 3 have requested we assist them in connecting to the electrical grid. DORS has provided 3300 RMB towards this project. Villagers are very happy that they now have access to a source of safe and stable electricity.

Integrated Development Projects

Ganluo COunty Pingba Township Road

The road from Pingba Township to one of our project villages, Sanshihu, is potholed and uneven, during and after rains it is quite impassable. The road is used by a total of over 2000 people living in 8 villages. Because the entire length of the road was built on what was once swampland, none of the minor maintenance villagers have done for the last few years has had any signifcant effect. During the rainy season villagers there is no way to transport villagers produce, therefore the income of local villages is significantly reduced as a direct result of the poor quality of the road. Sanshihu Villagers have requested DORS assist in fixing this section of the road. During July we conducted an investigation of this section of road. The benefits of fixing this road are very large and since it affects many villages it is a very complicated project. We visited each of the villages that would directly benefit from the project, interviewd village leadership, spoke with villagers, conducted village discussions, examined the road and conducted a baseline study. Only through a feasibility study conducted by relevant government agencies will we be able to determine wheter or not it is possible to implement this project.Ganluo County Shuangmacao Village and Ladai Village Pathways
After conducting and final examination the two village pathway projects are complete. Ladai Village has built their pathways excptionally well. The villages are no longer muddy during the rainy season and the villages are much more clean and sanitary. Villagers are all very happy with the results of the project.

Ganluo County Shuangmacao Village Hamlets One and Two Projects

Hamlets One and Two still have about 10000 RMB of project funds remaining. DORS has consulted with villagers several times and in the end they have decided to use the money on a telephone project, a cement pathways project, and graingrinder project. DORS held separate meetings in hamlets one and two and have confirmed plans for the projects afore mentioned projects, determined the responsibilities of various stakeholders, project budgets, and timelines. Project contracts will be signed shortly and implementation will commence. Villagers are happly with the plans for the projects, they were quite enthusiastic during the meetings. Villagers have established both project implementation plans and maintenance agreements which all villagers have signed in agreement. Aphases of the project planning were transparent and villagers have responded with enthusiastic participation. The entire project has strongly emphasized future maintenace.

DORS News and Information

Upon the invitation of DORS Hanyuan County's Party Secretary and County Leader met with DORS' Director Rose Acock and workers. They learned about DORS working methods and the specific steps we go through during project implementation. The County Party Secretary affirmed DORS work and expressed his support for our work. Hanyuan Television broadcasted a news piece on the visit. We are greatful for the support of the Hanyuan County Party Committee and Government.

Two Hanyuan residents have joined our team during June and July; Li Maohui and Wang Zhifang. DORS is now been primarly run by local workers. This will provide a healthy, stable and sustainable foundation for work.





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