Post earthquake reconstruction

On May 12, 2008, at 2:28 pm Beijing time, Wenchuan county in Sichuan experienced a 8.0 degree earthquake on the Richter scale. The scope of the destruction was broad, and the most seriously affected areas included Wenchuan, Beichuan, and Dujiangyan. Although Hanyuan lies 270 kilometers away from Wenchuan, it received the waves of the earthquake, and loss was quite serious, with altogether 70,000 families and altogether 220,000 people being affected.  43,000 people in Hanyuan county have no home to return to; 25 of our Hanyuan compatriots have died; and 500+ were injured. Approximately 30% of Hanyuan’s Fulin county town buildings collapsed, and altogether 85.2% of buildings in the Old Section there are seriously damaged (condemned) or collapsed.  In the coming few years, post-earthquake rebuilding will become a significant part of DORS’ work.

DORS, as a local charity organization, quickly responded by entering the disaster relief work, distributing tents, beds, blankets, and cooking oil, etc. living necessities, providing survivors with flexible funds for living expenses in their time of need, and providing specific things requested by affected people in their attempt to rebuild.

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