Apr / June 2019No. 146

30th June 2019

Cooperative capacity building

Visiting Yingjing County Project Site

Sow breeding technical training

Pianma youth income-generating project training

Project Progress

Marketing Project in Pianma Town, Hanyuan county

Walnut management

In May 2019, DORS established technical service teams that served for their villages that covered six villages in Pingma Town. They were invited to conduct a technical seminar on walnut management in Wanping Village. During the workshop, the Jianping Cooperative Technical Service Team shared the work that they accomplished as well as the achievements of the walnut management in 2019. The representatives of villages in the group discussion also summarized what has been done and the current problems on the walnut management since winter management, In the end, everyone present in the seminar discussed and formulated the "Walnut Management Technical Guide" that is appropriate for Pianma Town. DORS will support the village technical service teams to provide one-year training and guidance on walnut management for the walnut farmers and provide the equipment needed for walnut management and maintenance, especially for active cooperatives. We expect that people can realize the importance of periodic management of walnut planting through this project, so the participants can manage the walnut planting and are willing to do it according to the technical indicators that they learned from the training. Therefore, they can produce high-quality walnuts that can meet the demands of the market.

Trademark registration                         

•September 17, 2018: an application for trademark registration was filed.
•April 24, 2019: the application entered the phase of preliminary approval announcement;
•June 21, 2019: trademark announcement became due, the registration was approved, and the period of the exclusive use rights of the trademark is from June 21, 2019, to June 20 2029.

Cooperative capacity building

——Meeting of Industrial Development Strategies for Jianping Cooperative

In April 2019, DORS invited Wang Zhiwei, chairman of the Pingyang Huangguogan Cooperative in Shimian County, to put forward suggestions for the industrial development of the cooperative based on the status quo of the Jianping cooperative. From the perspective of the development trend of the walnut industry at the national level, he analysed both the advantages and disadvantages of the cooperative. He also summarised how to develop the walnut industry, how to increase the added value of the industry.

At the same time, the new work plan of cooperative was discussed. Additionally,  the positive and effective work in technical guidance of the cooperative technical service teams was confirmed (see picture above on the left). After the meeting, the technical director Li Guoqiang also taught the cooperative members the spring bud technique in the walnut forest (see the picture above right).

Cooperative capacity building

—— Jianping Cooperatives Semi-annual Summary Meeting

In May 2019, a meeting was held to discuss the "organizational capacity improvement of the management teams of the cooperatives", in accordance with the stage-goal of the development of them. This was from the perspective of a closer relationship between cooperatives, their members and the community. Members of the community need to be aware of "financial organization of the cooperative", "the significance of unified standardization of technology for production" and "the concept of a new model for the development as a group". This will promote effective operation of the management team,  and create a pleasant atmosphere for the next stage in the development of the cooperative.

In addition, the Jianping Cooperative organized a summary meeting of the work for the past six months under the guidance of consultant Wang Zhiwei. The event also organized activities such as the traditional dance of Yi minority, tug-of-war competition, 3-leg races, and competition of planting technology, which is conducted by means of questions and answers. It not only activated the participation of participants but also improved the understanding of planting technology knowledge as well as practical application capabilities. The activity was remarkable because it not only enhanced the ability of the cooperatives to coordinate the overall situation and cooperated in carrying out the work, but also provided for the meeting organizers with the opportunity to organize the practical events, at the same time giving the members the opportunity to participate in the activities. Furthermore, the communication meeting also has created a positive impression for the community members and has linked the residents and the cooperatives more closely. Moreover, it also enhanced the harmony of the community as well. DORS used the platform of the Jianping Cooperative to hold a half-year work summary meeting. Five heads of cooperatives with potential in Pingma Town were invited to the conference. The expectation is to improve their participation in the activities. So they have more interest and confidence to carry out the activities in their cooperative.