Oct /Nov 2012 No. 112

Energy Project

The energy Project is running well. The second round of 66 stoves were built and the third round commenced in Nimei Township in October. In order to avoid some unnecessary problems occurring, DORS project officer Mr. Bai Shihai went to Heng Shan village, He Ai Village and Huo Di village. He talked to the participants about the project process. 51 stoves were built in November awaiting evaluation.

Bai Shihai and Liu Yi visited Da Wei Village to evaluate the biogas project, 4 households’ biogas did not pass the evaluation in October. All biogas passed the evaluation in Nov, So DORS provided them the project funds and returned all guarantee funds to villagers.

October, DORS conducted the fuel- efficient stove project and biogas project evaluation, villagers were satisfied with these projects.

Objective: Save time and labor; reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, Keep a good health

Village Agreements signed In Progress Completed Evaluated
Fuel Efficient Stove Project He Ai 23 0 23 0

Heng Shan

9 0 9 0
Huo Di 19 0 19 0
He Jiang 63 0 63 0
Wan Li 16 0 0 16
He Jiang 48 4 44 0
Bio Gas Project Wan Li 4 0 4 3
Ran Mo 35 0 35 0
Wan Jia 21 0 21 0
Da Wei 24 0 24 24

Give Warmth Project

On 27th October, the Village Secretary Mr. Peng came to DORS office and collected the last 600 pieces of clothing to distribute in Ran

Mo Village. The is the last step of the ‘Give

Warmth’ project - the 16th project site. By the end of Nov, all clothes donated by Changjiang Normal Education Foundation have been distributed. We first thank all staff of the foundation for their hard work, counting and packing this large amount of clothing, we also thank them for their kindness in passing these to our children. On behalf of the recipient villagers we also thank them for their kindness.

We also received some clothing donated by the Youth Volunteer Association of Sihua Normal

University in mid November. The ‘Give Warmth Project’ is on going, Ms Haoyue also found a pen, a packet of biscuit, and a hand written note, inside one of the packs of clothing (See right photo).

We also received some clothes donated from Guangdong Province in November.

Many thanks to all our friends and supporters. We believe with your help, this winter will be a warmer season for the poorest villagers in our county.

A note attached to a donation read: "Hello, these are my clothes, I don’t know who will receive them, but I hope you feel warmth. Please visit me if you have time. This is my gift,hope you like it - from a little friend"


Micro-blog experience sharing meeting
In October, Ms Zhou Yumei and Ms Wang Jingmei attended the micro-blog experience sharing meeting in Chengdu. The meeting brought participants the ideas of how to better use the micro-blog as a network platform to raise their profile, to enhance the impact of public welfare.

Taiwan community environment protection and sustainable development experience sharing meeting
25th Oct,DORS project officer Li Maohui and Bai Shihai attended a workshop of “Taiwan community environment protection and sustainable development sharing” orgainsed by Sichuan Shangming Public Welfare Development Research Centre. Four experts who had participated in the "Taiwan & Mainland Community Environment Protection and Sustainable Development workshop 2012" held in Taiwan, were invited to share their practical experiences, and views on Taiwan trip with all participants. DORS Li Maohui and Bai Shihai also shared what they have learnt and views from this workshop with DORS' other staff when back to DORS.

China Villagers’ Cooperative Network Extension workshop
DORS Project Officer Li Maohui and Pu Haoyue attended the “China Villagers’ Cooperative Network Extension training” held in Chongqing City. The training covered rural development current situation analysis, villagers cooperatives basic knowledge, villagers cooperation development cases, future development road discussion and exchanging experiences.

Visualisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP) Training
21st -25th Nov, Ms. Pu Haoyue attended the VIPP training organised by Chengdu Shuguang Community development capacity building centre. The training was about how to centralize the participants as the key part in team work. She shared the knowledge with DORS staff to improve the team members’ personal capability and team work coordinating capability when back to DORS

Donation Information

We received RMB1300 from former DORS volunteer in November. This donor gave the money to buy some technical books for villagers to improve their agricultural skills.

DORS News and Information

Our dear friends, DORS’ volunteers Miss Zhou Yumei and Liu Yi left DORS at the end of November. Many thanks to them for their hard work and kindness to Hanyuan’ villagers during one year in DORS. We all wish them happiness and success in their future life and work.

With the Christmas coming, DORS wishes all friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for your concern and support.





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