Aug/Sep 2005

Integrated Rural Development Projects

Fuel Efficient Stove Project in Maping Village During June, July demonstration stoves were built. The fuelwood and cooking time savings have generated interest among villagers. During August and September DORS and Maping villagers have begun the first steps in planning and implementing the Fuel Efficient Stove project. Villagers who were trained during the construction of the demonstration stoves will be using their new skills and building stoves for others. At the end of September DORS began transporting materials to Maping Village. At present 2800 bricks and other materials totaling 7 tons have reached the village.

Water Supply Project in Daying Village

During September DORS delivered Water Supply Project materials to Daying Village Hamlets 3, 6, and 7. Villagers have begun installation of the water system and 50 village households will benefit. 3 water supply systems in Hamlet 2 have been completed reaching 38 of 43 households. Villagers no longer need to walk several hundred meters to carry water to their homes as they have indoor taps.

Water Supply Project in Shuangmacao Village

In August 2005, Hamlets 3 and 4 of Shuangmacao village, Ganluo County, completed their new water supply system. All households now have adequate clean water. At a women's group meeting in the village in early September, local women expressed great satisfaction with this project. Now, they are delighted to have sufficient water on tap and not have to walk to sources and carry water each day. Due to the efficient village management of this project, we have also commenced a water supply project in hamlets 1 and 2. A survey of the water situation was conducted by the Ganluo Bureau of Water Conservancy. Water supply project guidelines have been set by villagers with each household contributed 40 yuan to the cost of materials as well as a 20 yuan guarantee to be returned upon the successful completion of the project. Materials have been transported to the village and new water tanks are now under construction. DORS has contributed a total of 10,000 yuan to this project. Sheepraising project launched in Sanshihu Village Following the completion of sheep pens in Sanshihu village, Ganluo County, a sheepraising project has now been launched. As part of the integrated project plan, management guidelines have been set, villagers agreed to vaccinate and de-worm all livestock during autumn and spring. A feeding plan has been set, with crops planted to feed animals during the winter months and grass seeds provided by the Bureau of Animal Husbandry. In this very high and remote village, local people chose sheep raising as their preferred form of rural development. Given the harsh local conditions, villages selected to purchase local species of ewes which have adapted to the environment. The village has received the funds to purchase five ewes per participating households, with villagers contributing 20% to the cost of purchase and DORS contributing the other 80%. Telephone for Shishi'er Village Shishi'er village, Ganluo County now has its first telephone, enabling convenient communication for friends and families. This is a collective project, with villagers contributing 20% (300 yuan) to the cost of purchase and connection and DORS contributing 80% (1200 yuan).


During September primary schools began the fall term. DORS has begun providing school fees subsidies for students in 9 villages and at the moment 143 students have received a total of 20,000 yuan in financial support. During October additional students will receive support. Women's Microcredit During September DORS volunteers visited three women's microcredit villages and collected a total of 76,000 yuan from 101 women.

DORS News and Information

In August Katie, Zhang Zhenfang, and Adam attended a conference in Kunming on Participatory Technology Development held by the Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge with support by Misereor. Myriam Bartu, an advisor on women's micro-credit, visited DORS. She examined DORS microcredit project, provided suggestions, and trained DORS volunteers. In September, Guo Yumei went to Chengdu to attend an eight day training held by IFC on Project Management. Sichuan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office Director Mr. Yan led a delegation of PAO workers and visited DORS. He expressed his hope that DORS would be included in the future New Village Poverty Alleviation Plan and will cooperate with the county PAO. Misereor representative Ruth Schimanowski visited DORS to review the work situation and visit a project village. DORS attended a Liangshan Prefecture NGO coordination meeting in Xichang. Derek Acock, one of the DORS trustees arrived Hanyuan for a work visit.


In September DORS began a search for new volunteers. DORS is hoping to find one Project Officer, one Project Trainee and one Administrative Assistant. Applications will be accepted until the middle of October. For further information please see the DORS website.





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