Dec 2005/Jan 2006


Micro-credit loans

During December and January DORS received micro-credit repayments from Hejiang, Huodi, and Moduo villages, totaling 142,000 RMB (24,000 RMB from Hejiang, 53,000 RMB from Huodi, 65,000 RMB from Moduo).  This round of loans involved 152 households and at the moment only 3 households from Moduo have not yet repaid their loans.  Whether counting by households or by total sum of loans, the repayment rate is higher than 95%.

In Huodi village, as throughout the whole of Hanyuan, the weather this year has not been cooperative, rainfall has been too heavy.  However, the residents of Huodi village have still earned an income this year due to their “big white bean” loan program.  With the exception of one villager, all others have earned profits this year, some reaching 1000 RMB.  Some of these villagers have already began their third round of loans from DORS.

Project Progress in Maping Village

Community Involvement in Road Construction
From the 12th to the 14th of January 2005, in order to coordinate Maping Village’s Integrated Rural Development Programme, DORS volunteers conducted field surveys of Maping Village. At the moment, as part of the Integrated Rural Development Programme, the village is constructing a 10 kilometer stretch of road.  Over 1/4 of the construction has already been completed.  DORS also arranged for township cadres to be present at the construction site and to deal with the issue of labour contribution which was concerning some of the villagers.  Due to Maping village’s lack of labour capacity, there were several households which were not satisfied with the work arrangements previously discussed among the villagers.  As a result, a few were reluctant to work.  DORS volunteers, through a process of interviews, heard villagers’ complaints and carried out negotiations.  Finally, through the mutual efforts of the villagers and cadres, these villagers were all convinced to contribute their labour in building the road. 
Drinking water supply
During the course of interviews in Maping, DORS volunteers also looked into Maping village’s drinking water situation.  At the moment, Maping has four hamlets with about 50 households whose existing water sources are not sufficient or are not sanitary. Volunteers conducted household surveys in six out of seven hamlets.  They held small group meetings to hear villagers’ suggestions and thoughts on drinking water programmes.  At the same time, DORS volunteers and villagers reviewed together the most important water source for the entire village.  It is seeping from a ledge under a cliff, at a slope of 70-80 degrees about 200 meters up the mountain. This source provides the majority of water for the entire village.  Villagers brought up several solutions to their water problem, including water supply agreements between hamlets.  Initial ideas included expanding the water sources through the construction of new water tanks and digging channels.  Hamlets lacking water could build new water tanks, constructing, repairing, or replacing some of the original piping.  Remote hamlets could be allowed access to water from pipes through nearby villages closer to water sources.  Thus, by expanding water sources, hamlets with adequate water will at least keep their water supply at the current level, and hamlets that lack water can receive enough water from this system.

Ganluo Developments

During the last two months, DORS volunteers have been working in Ganluo County to facilitate development of the MISEREOR funded Integrated Rural Development Programme. DORS volunteers have met with county and township government and conducted exploratory visits in seven new villages. Based on initial surveys of the villages’ situations, new villages will be selected as Integrated Rural Development Programme sites.  More detailed situational analyses and participatory village planning will be conducted in new project villages to decide on suitable development plans. At this point in the process of investigation, DORS has established a good relationship with Ganluo County and Haitang District government.

DORS news and information

In late December, DORS, along with a number of other organisations working in Liangshan Prefecture, was awarded the ‘Suoma Flower’ award to acknowledge outstanding contributions to development. The DORS entry for this award was submitted by Ganluo County Government who accompanied DORS representatives to the award Christmas ceremony and expressed much appreciation for our work spirit and contribution to development in Liangshan.

In December 2004, “Conservation International” Programme Assistant, Li Li, visited the DORS office and interviewed volunbteers.  Ms. Li expressed interest and admiration towards DORS’ system of volunteerism, and at the same time expressed interest in pursuing a cooperative relationship between the two organisations.

In December, two new volunteers joined the DORS team. They are currently completing their probationary period:  Zhang Zhengfang, a graduate of the Southwestern Minorities University, is working as a trainee, primarily for the Misereor Integrated Rural Development Program. Zhang Zhenfang’s cultural knowledge and Yi language skills will be a great help to our work in Yi minority villages.  Adam Jung, from the United States, has worked in community development programmes in his home country and in the office of Global Village of Beijing. His educational background in Development Studies extends to the rural development field.

In December 2004, Office Manager/Project Manager, Rita Bonomally, completed her contract and left DORS after nearly three years. She is now working in Beijing.  We are grateful for her service with DORS, and wish her well with her new endeavours.







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