Dec 06/Jan 07

Income Generation Project will be started

The Integrated Development Programme funded by the German foundation Misereor will be completed in March 2007. DORS will conduct new Income Generation Projects, choosing two townships from among several townships where DORS have already implemented projects in Hanyuan and Ganluo county. These projects will focus on income generation. On the Jan 22nd and 23rd of March 2007, DORS staff visited Zhuping, Shanshu, Moduo and Wanjia villages in Yongli Township of Hanyuan county. DORS has worked with some of the villages previously to improve basic conditions such as road access, electricity, water supply, and do some livestock and other income generating projects. This site visit involved a range of participatory meetings, including with village leaders and hamlet leaders and household interviews. Through these we came to understand leaders' and villagers' ideas about Income Generation, and also about the challenges they face while carrying out their work. Township leaders accompanied DORS staff during the two day trip. We are very grateful for their support.

The Micro-Credit Project in Chenhe Village

In December 2006, DORS staff LMH and LSF went to Chenhe village and received the loans from Hamlet 3. The loans were paid back in two installments. This is the second time we received the repayments. All the women (sixty) paid back all the loans, a total of 35,035 RMB. Women thought the MC project had been useful and genuinely helped them improve their lives. Some said they would not need loans next year, others hoped DORS would continue to give the loans. Chenkai who is the son of a loan woman, said in Chenhe there are over 30 motorbikes this year, compared to 10 last year. Also they bought over 10 TVs and all households now have washing machines. Through DORS project, there has been a big improvement in quality of life in Chenhe Hamlet 3.

Mr.Xiong Darun's first village: Shiquan Water Supply Project

On the 18thand19th December 2006, DORS staff WZF and BSH checked the Water Supply Project in Shiquan village, including if the detritus tank had been built according to plan and if the pipeline is in preparation. The inspection was done together with the villagers; all had been done well. On the 23rd December 2006, the Party secretary of Shiquan village Li Liangxue and BSH transported materials to village and distributed them to villagers. At the end of December, villagers fixed up piping with the guidance of a technician. By the middle of January, we understand that the whole water supply is running well. Villagers were satisfied with this water system. Through this project, a few villagers had learned how to install a new kind of piping connection.

The stove project in Shunping village of Henan township

With the help of Zhang Guoping from Hanyuan PAO, 108 energy-efficient stoves had been completed by the end of Dec 2006. At the beginning of 2006, DORS signed a contract with ZGP that 300 efficient stoves will be built in Xiangshu, Wanjia, Tiechang, Shanshu and Shunping villages. Only 23 stoves remain to be built.

The road project in Daying village of Pianma township

The road construction in Daying village is completed. Initially, we were funded only to build roads which connected to Hamlet 1, 4 and 7. However, because the road to Hamlet 5 and 6 was too winding (medium-sized cars could not pass through), and considering the entire public road project, DORS have decided to do road repairs for this winding part of the road for Hamlet 5 and 6 after assisting to build roads to Hamlet1, 4 and 7. There were two sections to do in Hamlet 4: Aluozi and Suerma. Aluozi was completed in mid January. Suerma needed more time to construct due to insufficient explosives and hard rock. But villagers worked very hard and on the 31st of Jan 07, they completed the whole project. According to the contract, DORS had paid two-thirds of the funds to Hamlet 1, 4, 5, 6and 7. After checking and accepting the project, DORS will pay the rest.

Livestock Project in Shishier village of Pingba township

During November, DORS checked the livestock project, include grass planted for livestock, livestock technology mastering and the sty preparing situation. Wei Fuqiang from the Animal Husbandry Bureau in Ganluo country provided professional training for villagers.At the end of December 2006, staff visited the village again and checked the progress of the project, had discussions with villagers and signed the livestock contract. According to the terms of the contract, each household pays a deposit or guarantee of 150RMB. At the same time, we expect households and groups to act as guarantors for each other, to ensure the project will be done well. The deposits are returned to the villagers three years later if they have implemented according to contract and maintenance management regulations. DORS paid 60% of the total fund for each household first, and the rest of the fund will be paid after checking sheep and cows in March this year.

DORS News and Information

In December 2006, volunteer Yang Fangyuan joined DORS for a year, subsidized by SichuanYouthVolunteer Internship Programme office. Yang Fangyuan from Guiyang of Guizhou province shows great enthusiasm for rural culture and rural development working.Best wishes to her.

Spring Festival is coming. DORS would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a joyful Spring Festival. We would like to thank our partners and friends for their attention and support and look forward to more this year.





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