Jan / Mar 2020No. 149

31st March 2020

Walnut Marketing in Community

Pigsty disinfection

Visited Hanyuan for Sichuan Pepper Management Skill Training

Project Progress

Marketing Project of Pianma Township, Hanyuan County

Walnut Selling

In early January, with the assistance of DORS, the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory successfully ordered 290 packages of walnut from Jianping Cooperative. All walnut were provided by Jianping Cooperative. The Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has been keeping close contact with and given support to the villagers of remote mountainous areas of Sichuan for a long time. They wanted to support the local villagers through purchasing the local products. However, as most of products were made by villagers themselves such as the honey, walnut oil and dried sweet potato, there is no food production license. Therefore, the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory could not buy their products in an official way. This is the village development constraint, and needs to be solved in the future if we want to receive more orders to sell village products.

Pianma Township Youth Entrepreneurship Project

In order to encourage qualified local young people stay at their hometown to promote the local development, DORS initiated the Entrepreneurship project for young people in the Pianma Township. This project provided funds for young people to start their own business.

In early January 2020, DORS project staff went to all project villages to inspect the project progress of the first 10 participants. Each household has their own story regarding their application for this fund to develop their business dream. One household’s pigs suffered from African swine fever virus, all pigs were dead and therefore he changed to raising chicken; one raises black pigs the ecological way with the fund; one used the fund to buy pigfood as his new born daughter was sick and he had to spend money in the hospital; one used the fund to upgrade his pigsty; one to expand his goat pens from 2 goats to 18 goats; one used the fund to buy the MOyu seeds; one tried to improve his agricultural management skills, and so on…