Apr / May 2012 No. 109

Nutrition Lunch Project for Shiquan Village Primary School and Centre Primary School of Nimei Township

First Phase: Feb-Mar
Second Phase: Apri-May

ApproachMr Yang Banghua, the headmaster is in charge of this project, and the financial affairs are the responsibility of Mr. Tangmao and Ms. Xuxia.

Monitoring MethodExpenditure details were shown in front of the school gate and the village notice publicity board. We also established the family monitoring team, to periodically check the food hygiene and the quality. DORS also monitored the project through phone calls and random visits to receive the feedback from students, families and teachers. DORS also monitored the food price from the market to see whether it is matched or not.

ReviewFind out the problems and try to solve them are the approaches how DORS manage project and improve it. Monitoring the project implementation process is the best way to accumulate experience. The Nutrition Project was running well and has now reached the second round. DORS manager Ms. Jinmei is responsible for the project and she always looks for how to tackle the existed problems and tries to improve the effectiveness of the project. She sets up some concrete standards to better monitor the food hygiene, finance issues and the funding issues and so on. At the same time, DORS receives a lot of valuable experience from the monitoring. What DORS always insists on is to maximize people’s benefit with limited funding, and let all donors see their money goes to the right direction.

Infrastructure Project - Evaluation for Xiangshu Village Path Project

Objectiveto improve village environment, transport accessibility and living condition, therefore to improve local economy for new village development.

Approach: DORS provided materials and participants provided labour. A project management team was established to manage the whole project

Funding in total RMB 31,008, of which RMB19,688 is provided by DORS

Cement Purchased47.2 Ton Participants40 households

DurationJune 2011 to May 2012

ProgressThe evaluation was conducted on 17th May. Review: most available people for this project are elders as the young have gone out to work in urban areas. The project is located in mountainous place with bad accessibility, which affected the pre-project design.

Health Village Project – Chalin Village

Rubbish Bin Project: Health Village Project is implemented in Chalin and Moduo Villages at the same time. DORS manager Ms. Jinmei is responsible for this project. She went to Chalin village to discuss the rubbish bin construction and management issues with villagers. DORS suggested that each household is responsible for the rubbish bin management according to number of households divided with days per month. Some villagers would like to manage the pool according to the amount of the trash each household produces and they would like to try their own way for one month. According to villagers’ willingness, they drafted out the rubbish bin management procedure and signed to follow it. We will assist them to finalize the procedure when they are satisfied. After signing the agreement, they started to implement the project according to the available materials.

No. of Rubbish Bins: 2

Participants: 32 households

Fund spent: RMB2400 from DORS

Fuel-efficient Stove and Bio-gas Project: During April and May, DORS started to conduct the project evaluation together with Villagers. The last phase will be evaluated in June.

Health Village Project-Moduo village

The project is now in the process of implementation by May:

“The story of Peach flower village”: In order to demonstrate how the waste affects people’s health, we wrote a play to illustrate the importance of waste disposal. DORS staff went to village six times to assist villagers and students to rehearse the play.

“Taking trash photographs and sharing the pictures”: We took the photos of some environment which were full of rubbish and some which were clean and nice environment to show to villagers. We asked them to keep their surrounding environment clean through teaching them how to conduct the waste disposal.

Little Guard for Environment Protection : For the long term environment protection, the best way is to educate children. We selected some students from Moduo Primary School to look out for environment protection and observe where the trash comes from, how to clarify what are the reasons of having this rubbish. Afterwards, they shared their findings and knowledge with pictures with other team members, therefore raising all villagers’ environment protection awareness.

Health Village Cultural Event preparation: We will held a Health Village Cultural Event in June, in order to give villagers a direct and concrete impression, we have organised a sharing workshop and excursion for them.

Village Drinking Water Project Reimbursement: DORS project assistant Ms. Haoyue climbed up on the mountain to check the drinking water project as shown below.

Next Report: the two years Health Village Project in Moduo Village will be ended soon, let’s look forwards to the cultural event and sharing workshop.

Energy Project

In this reporting period, the Energy Project was running well. We launched the second round of the fuel-efficient Stove Project in Nimei Township, and started the implementation phase. The progress are shown below:

Project progress

Objective: Save time and labor, Reduce energy consumption, Environment Protection, Keep a good health


Project Village

No. of Agreements signed

Under implementation



Fuel-efficient Stove Project





















Bio-gas Project











 Providing Warm Clothes Project

During April & May, Liuyi, DORS volunteer, who is in charge of this project, delivered clothes to Zhaoyuan village, Chalin Village, Maping Village, Nimei Township Centre Primary School, Nimei Township Shiquan Village and Shiquan Primary school, Hengshan Village, He’Ai Village. This is not a simple project just giving out clothes. Before sending these clothes, our volunteer Liuyi has to sort the clothes into categories : for winter or for summer, for women or for men, for which age group and for which village and so on. She has to write down all the details as well. After these, Liuyi needs to prepare a chart and arrange all villagers to take the clothes, taking photographs and so on. When back to the office, she needs to select some good pictures, compose the final report, and then send it to donors. Most of this work was done during weekends or after office hours, by herself. Below shows what Liuyi has done for this project.

Delivered Data of Apr & May

  • Maping Village: 452pcs of clothes
  • Wanping Village (2nd Round): 258pcs of clothes
  • Chalin Village (2nd Round): 289 pcs of clothes
  • Shiquan Village: 197 pcs of clothes
  • Shiquan Primary School: 115 pcs of clothes, 120 pencils
  • Nimei Township Centray Primary School: 418 pcs of clothes, 620 pencils
  • Daying Village: 410 pcs of clothes
  • Zhaoyuan Village: 307 pcs of clothes
  • Hengshan Village: 391 pcs of clothes
  • He’Ai Village: 224 pcs of clothes
  • Wanping Village Primary School (2nd Round)340 pencils


Human resource is the strongest support for the charity’s growth, DORS long term development relies on all staff’ capability building. Exchange of experiences is the way to learn from others. DORS also wants to expand its 15 years project experiences to other institutes needed.

Chongqin Wanzhou community service centre (CWCSC) visited DORS: on 23rd May, Ms. Mao Jihui and Mr. Feng Lin from CWCSC visited DORS. We shared common experiences and exchange the experience of the management of education project and income generation project with them.

Oxfam: disaster prevention & mitigation and rural income generation development workshop 28th May, DORS project assistant Ms. Wang Jingmei attended a workshop organised by Oxfam on the topic of community disaster prevention & mitigation and rural income generation development. The program arranged case studies and discussion for all participants to obtain a clear picture of project implementation and management workflow. At the same time, participants learned how to conduct the emergency rescue procedure. Thanks to Oxfam who provided the platform for all NGOs.

DORS News and Information

Mr. Xiong Darun, Academic of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Deng Licai from National Astronomer, visited DORS on 23rd May. Hanyuan County Leader Mr. Yang Xingpin, County Educational Bureau Leader Mr. Kang, County Poverty Alleviation & Migration Bureau Leader Mr. LI, Nimei Township Government Secretary Mr. Yang Geliang, Township Leader Mr. Xing Shunzhong accompanied with Mr. Xiong Darun and Prof. Deng Licai to visit Shiquan Village about the integrated project and education project. Thanks Mr. Xiong Darun, Prof. Deng Licai and Mr. Wu Anming for their long term support for Hanyuan’s rural development.

Donation Information

Project equipment donated for DORS

  • Mr. Chen, Guangdong Province, donated a Sony camera
  • Funding donated for Shiquan Primary School Nutrition Lunch Project
  • Mr. Deng Licai and his family, RMB2,000 Mr. Su Hongjun RMB500
  • Funding donated for Nimei Township Centre Primary School
  • Mr. Wu Anming and his family, Sichuan tetracyclic pipeline anti-corrosion Co., Ltd. RMB20,000
  • Mr. Wu Xuewen and his family, Sichuan Zhong Tian Yang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. RMB10,000 Mr. Cao Renbin and his family, Sichuan Chengdu Golden Shield petrol pipeline installation Co., Ltd. RMB10,000





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