Wenzeluo Village, Ganluo 2004-2008

Wenzeluo is an Yi minority village in Nierjue Township, Ganluo County.It hasa population of 613 in 144 households, grouped into 5 hamlets. These hamlets are called Naiwu, Wadi, Wenzeluo, Wazizhu and Juega. The main source of income is selling pigs, chickens and walnuts. Average per capita income is 609 RMB. Additional crops include rice, maize, potatoes, buckwheat, walnuts and butter beans.

DORS implemented a water supply project in Wenzeluo village which was completed in 2003 (see previous projects). Since then, electricity has been installed. Wenzeluo had electricity at one time through a hydropower generator, but the generator didn’t last and the residents returned to pre-electricity days. Now they once again have this convenience.

The electricity project in Wenzeluo was funded by Misereor 2004-2008.