Maping Village, Hanyuan 2004-2008

Maping village is located in Yongli Township, Hanyuan. There are around 240 people in total, including both Yi and Han nationalities. DORS is working in all 7 hamlets of the village. Integrated projects include water supply, electricity, forestry, microcredit, support for particularly poor households, fuel efficient stoves and children’s schooling. A non-integrated project is a village road, with some support from DORS.

Biogas and fuel-efficient stoves are another project that is part of Misereor’s integrated project. These are a big convenience for Maping villagers—using biogas together with fuel-efficient stoves, only a fraction of what used to be collected in firewood is now necessary. The surface of the new stoves is sanitary and the women cooking are spared a roomful of smoke hurting their eyes. With biogas, fires can be started for cooking just by turning a valve, and after a long day at work this is no small benefit. The fertilizer sanitized in the containers are also better fertilizer for the fields than raw sewage---more effective and more safe for one’s health. The stoves also team up with the biogas in the winter when there is only enough biogas available for cooking one meal per day.

Particularly poor households have also seen a big change. Some houses were falling down so severely they couldn’t be lived in; now they are rebuilt. This means basic survival is less of an issue for these families. Many of the children of these families were also helped to pay school fees and attend school.

Maping Village forestry gathering

Integrated project in Maping was funded by Misereor from 2004-2008.