Shishi'er Village, Ganluo 2004-2008

Shishier village is located in Pingba Township, Ganluo County. The population of the village is 163 persons, including both Yi and Tibetan nationalities. There are 32 households in 3 hamlets; all located over 2000 metres above sea level. While the village has road access, the road is in bad condition and cannot be used in bad weather. Villagers do have electricity and water supply although there was no telephone. Living conditions were very poor with fifty percent of households living in thatched roofed homes with no toilets or kitchens. Projects in Shishi’er village included animal pen repairs and livestock development, the establishment of a village school, grain grinder provision, telephone connection and fuel efficient stoves. After building several toilets the village was more sanitary. Also, villagers gained experience in cement work and building with good foundations for continuing to develop with in the village and as skilled labourers.

Sty in Shishi’er

DORS volunteer and Shishi’er resident

The integrated project in Shishi'er Village was funded by Misereor 2004-2008