Sanshihu Village, Ganluo 2004-2008

Below: Sanshihu village schoolchildren and DORS staff

Sanshihu village schoolchildren and DORS staff

 Sanshihu village is located in the remote Wucun district of Pingba Township, Ganluo County. The village is a 4 hour drive from Ganluo County’s county town and over two hours walk from Pingba Township. The population of the village is around 230 persons, all of whom are Yi nationality. There are around 44 households in 3 hamlets; all located around 2400 metres above sea level.

Sanshihu new fuel-efficient stoves Village discussionVillagers do not have access to the rural electricity web and also lack telephone access. The current power station is in disrepair and electricity supply is inadequate. Due to poor road conditions few vehicles are capable of travel to this remote village. Until 2005, when DORS began implementing integrated projects and local government began implementation of a housing repairs project, living conditions for local villagers were very harsh. Many households lived in thatched-roofed homes with no toilets or kitchens. Projects in Sanshihu village included an integrated livestock development project and the building of fuel efficient stoves, pen building, school building, and microloans also enabled villagers plant butter beans, a crop which is suited for the area and gave the villagers better income. We also negotiated with the Ganluo Education Bureau to promote improved access to schooling for local children. From the livestock development project a further 300 sheep were born in 2006, and in 2007 there were about 500 in total.

Above: Sanshihu new fuel-efficient stoves Village discussion