Daying Village, Hanyuan 2004-2008

Daying is a large village of 9 hamlets located in Pianma Township, Hanyuan. There are over 800 people in total, including both Yi and Han nationalities. The village covers a large area up the mountainside, with elevation ranging from around 900 to over 1800 metres. There previously was no road access. Some hamlets have electricity access. An integrated project has been implemented including roads, water supply, a bridge, animal pen construction, microcredit, forestry, fuel efficient stoves and children’s schooling.

Daying’s change after many projects has been quite significant. Previously due to water resources being naturally low there, wasting or losing even a bit of water was quite frustrating. But now that the project has been completed, there is basically enough water for everyone to use. Also through a project to which DORS contributed, 7 hamlets have through roads. (The eighth hamlet is slated to be moved). This development allows the village to develop in many new ways—for one, products can now be transported in and out of the village conveniently. On the old path carved into the side of the mountain, DORS staff saw a pig which was ready to be sold fall off the side of the cliff while it was being carried to market. For Daying villagers this kind of loss is very large.

Daying Village water source in Hamlet 1

Daying water source above Hamlet 2

The integrated project in Daying was funded by Misereor from 2004-2008.