Shuangmacao Village, Ganluo 2004-2008

Shuangmacao Village is located alongside Shishi’er Village in Pingba Township, Ganluo County. The population of the village is over 300 persons, including both Yi and Han nationalities. The village is located around 2000 metres above sea level. While the village has road access, the road is in bad condition and cannot be used in poor weather. Most households live in poor conditions. Some homes have thatched roofs and lack kitchen and toilet facilities. Integrated projects in Shuangmacao village included water supply, animal pen repairs and livestock development, grain grinder provision, cement paths, telephone provision, and fuel efficient stoves.

Before DORS involvement, the water system was broken and water had to be carried in buckets on poles home from a distance, now every household has running water and the village is more sanitary, and time is saved for other activities. Also before the residents had to go to a neighboring village to grind grain, which took 3 hours walking time, now grain is ground in the village.

Shuangmacao old sties

Shuangmacao new sties

The integrated project in Shuangmacao was funded by Misereor 2004-2008.